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I did it Rick! I'm piece of sh*t Rick but I did it, I got the tank!
~ Toxic Morty to Toxic Rick
You're gonna save me right?
~ The dying Toxic Morty to Regular Rick

Toxic Morty is the secondary antagonist in the Rick & Morty episode "Rest and Ricklaxation". He is the poisonous embodiment of Morty Smith's negative personality traits.

He was voiced by one of the series' creator, Justin Roilland, who also voiced Rick himself, Toxic Rick, Evil Rick and Evil Morty.


Toxic Morty was an overly neurotic, pusillanimous, cowardly, and weak creature who was Toxic Rick's sidekick and assisted him throughout the episode in his plans to take over the world and turn everyone toxic. He seems to be self-loathing and fearful towards his grandfather who he allows to abuse and bully him.


Toxic Morty was created after Rick and Morty go into a detoxing machine at a spa which removes all of their toxic traits. He first appears on screen when Toxic Rick finds himself inside of the toxic world and tries to find Morty. He puts two and two together and realises that they were the toxic versions of the original Rick and Morty.

He and Toxic RIck then make a deal with C-137 Rick to merge again to which he agrees. He and Morty enter a chamber and end up in the normal world where it is revealed that they were planning on trapping Rick and Morty in the Toxic World (which was prevented by Morty's girlfriend due to a reluctant Morty not wanting to merge with his toxic self again). Towards the end of the episode he and Rick go on top of a beacon in order to begin the process, however he ends up being shot three times by the ordinary Rick in a torture method towards Toxic Rick due to the latter's pain from seeing his grandson being heavily injured, Toxic Rick then finally agreed to merge again. Toxic Morty was kept by Rick within a syringe until he found the still detoxified Morty and injected it within him.



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