Toxic Reapa Breakout

Toxic Reapa is a villain hailing from the planet Z'chaya and escaped from Hero Factory Prison. 


Toxic Reapa is native to the jungle planet Z'chaya, where he is regarded as a criminal. He has also made himself an enemy of the Hero Factory. After leaving his planet, he embarked on a crime spree, until he was eventually captured by the Factory, and placed in their Storage Facility< prisons.

The villain Black Phantom recently initiated a mass breakout of the Storage Facility, and Toxic Reapa was one of the many escaping villains. After being freed, Toxic Reapa returned to Z'chaya, with the intent to use his toxic contaminants to infect the larvae living on the planet, turning them into an evil insect army. Toxic Reapa is a villain hailing from the planet Z'chaya and escaped from Hero Factory Prison.

Abilities and Traits

Unlike many of the native lifeforms on his planet, Toxic Reapa has turned to the criminal lifestyle. He enjoys using toxic materials to cause death and destruction, and has powerful crushing claws. He is a quick-minded, powerful and somewhat insane villain obessesed with radiation. Toxic Reapa can jump like a flea, crawl surfaces like a insect, spray hot substances like Bombadier Beetle and attitude of army ant.


Toxic Reapa is equipped with two Toxic Jets, supplied by two toxic waste tanks on his back, which he utilizes in many of his attacks. He also bears Laser Cutters on his head, which he uses for breaking into fortified structures, often in conjunction with the toxic waste he uses.


Z'chaya is a jungle planet, filled with various insect species and Toxic Reapa's species are the toxic species on the planet.


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