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Toxoids are creatures who were created by Toxzon from various toxic substances. It may also be in a neutral way (look like a dark substance), and that to feed the first poison or toxic substance that are. Anyway, the substance of which they are made determines its form and abilities. They act under the orders of Toxzon, and have some kind of connection with him. They attack in groups, always composed many toxoids fuel, other radioactive waste, one of radioactive smoke and one of mud. When they appeared in 2009 were called "Toxoids", but in 2010 they are called "Toxoids", possibly because of the translation. There are 5 types of toxoids.



Types of Toxides

  • Radioactive waste:They only have 2 legs, and lack them the bottom of what could be his mouth, apparently have two pairs of eyes. They have the behavior of a rabid dog. Its structure looks skeleton. Their contact causes burns.
  • Magma-toxic: They are equal to toxoids of fuel alone that these are covered in Magma (melted rock) and seem to be more large and more dangerous.
  • Fuel creatures:They have a form of ball, two lower legs, and a superior, have no eyes. You can put in a State of fuel, either to hide, or to not receive damage. If one of these toxoids is divided into several parts, each part will form a toxoid separately. They can increase in size. The majority of toxoids are of this type.
  • Radioactive smoke: They appear to have two faces, one forward and one back, although it seems that what they are doing when they threaten is turning his face (which is also your body) and open it in half at one end to show as well, a large open mouth. They have 4 legs, two below and two above. In battle attack quickly with their upper legs, and are put in a gaseous state, either to escape, to move from one side to the other and surprise the opponent, or simply to not receive damage.
  • Mud: They have the form of a leech. They may cling to a surface to destroy it with acid, or shoot the acid directly. Its gelatinous consistency makes them resistant.



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