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The Toy Villains (named Ted, Pinky and Vacuum Head) are the three main antagonists of the The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "How Much is That Rabbit in the Window". They are a trio of counterparts of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger.

Ted was voiced by Jim Cummings, Pinky was voiced by the late Ken Samson, and Vacuum Head was voiced by the late Chuck McCann. Despite Vacuum Head being voiced by Chuck McCann, McCann was uncredited.


The Toy Villains make various acts of trying to get sold instead of Rabbit, who ended up at the toy shop by some means. When Christopher Robin brings Rabbit back, they are told by the former to keep the tag until they turn out to be good, so that someone will not eventually sell them at some time.



Ted is the first toy of the group. He is a yellow bear with a resemblance to Winnie the Pooh. He has a blue bowler hat with a black line on it, a red vest, and a blue and yellow striped tie.


Pinky is the second toy of the group. He is a pink pig with a resemblance to Piglet. He wears a pink shirt.

Vacuum Head

Vacuum Head is the third toy of the group. He is an orange tiger with a resemblance to Tigger. He wears a dark green sweatshirt and a flat blue cap. He wears a broken tail with a bandage wrapped around it.



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