Toymajin FPC Movie

Toymajin is the main enemy in the Fresh Pretty Cure!: Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!?. He is made up with lots of abandoned toys, mostly stuffed toys that children once played with. He wants to get revenge on children for keeping toys and later on forgetting about them. He controls Toy named Count Roulette, and with his help Toymajin wants punish all the kids who have forgotten him.

Though he is not a servant of Moebius, Toymajin is still the movie's main villain as allied with him.


Long time ago he was a Teddy bear who has loving owner. Owner gets old and she does not have time for him anymore. He injured deeply for his owner that has forgotten him. He moved to the Land of Toys, and becomes the ruler of the Land, and all others toys fear him, even his name. The little plushie, Usapyon tells that to Fresh! Pretty Cures, and they go to the Land of Toys to save it from Toymajin. They finally found him and used Lucky Clover Grand Finale attack to him, but he rejects the attack. He starts to get toys to itself and become bigger. After he has takes all toys of the whole word to itself he starts attacking. Cure Peach loses her pickrun which deforms her back to Love. Chiffon use her powers to make a white Pickrun and saves Love with her upgrade to Cure Angel. Angel Cure Peach uses Loving True Heart attack and defeats Toymajin. Toymajin becomes Teddybear. After that, Fresh! girls sells him to a new happy and lovely owner.


  • Toymajin is first, and only Big villain who has based on Toy Robot.
  • Toymajin has ability to grow with power of other toys.
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