Toymaker is a villain seen in 2 episodes of the 1981 NBC Saturday morning cartoon series Space Stars and is a nemesis of Space Ghost.

Toymaker is a villain who is an expert at making robots and duplicates of anyone. In one of the episodes, Toymaker caused the home planet Ghost Planet, the home planet of Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip, to be shrunken down while Jan, Jace, and Blip were on it and with the help of Jan, Jace and, Blip, they managed to free Ghost Planet from the glass case it was in and Space Ghost deals with Toymaker's robots and toys and captures him.

In another encounter, Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip are having a picnic on a remotely seemingly paradise planet. Toymaker is back and is planning conquest with the creation of many Space Ghost robots. While Space Ghost went off to get some firewood, Jan, Jace, and Blip encounter knight-looking robots and Jan and Jace are captured, taken to Toymaker while Blip escapes. Blip tells Space Ghost what happened and go find them. He sees the Toymaker's ship and encounters Toymaker. Toymaker created a robot of Jan and Jace and they take Space Ghost's wrist bands. Jane and Jace find out what Toymaker has in mond by seeing the many robots of Space Ghost and tell the real Space Ghost his plans. Toymaker is outsmarted when Space Ghost pretends to be a robot and Toymaker gives him the wrist bands and reveals to Toymaker he is the real Space Ghost. The robots are dealt with as Space Ghost uses the lasers from his wrist bands to split apart Toymaker's ship and the Toymaker is captured.