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The Toys are the main antagonistic faction of the 2021 indie horror game Poppy Playtime. They are theorized to be former humans modified by Playtime CO. into living toys.





Known toys

Poppy Playtime

Made in 1960, Poppy was a unique that could talk directly with people. This is the main toy that put the company on the map since it was a breakthrough in science. Unbeknownst to the public, however, to achieve this lifelike state, Playtime Co. experimented by transferring human consciousness and the digestive system (presumably of Stella Greyber) into the doll. People has theorized that the death screens were messages from Poppy, obviously making her an ally in Chapter 2.

Huggy Wuggy

Made in 1984, this blue-furred monster figure was made to hug children, it became the company's best-selling toy and has become its mascot. It is the main antagonist of Chapter 1, but will likely return in the future chapters. As revealed in Chapter 2, a blue fur and blood marks can be seen on the walls, heavily implying that Huggy Wuggy survived and climbed up, albeit in a bloodied, injured state.

Kissy Missy

Made in 1985, she is a female version of Huggy Wuggy, a pink-furred monster figure who was made to kiss children like Huggy Wuggy hugging children in a opposite way. In Chapter 2, Kissy is the only successful experiment to become friendly to the player and flips the switch to open the gate before she leaves off-screen.

In a rejected alternate scene, she's appeared once again after the train crash. She gave the Player a Playcare key so that the Player can process to the Playcare. After this, she leaves once again.

Mommy Long Legs

Made in 1991, this pink spider lady toy was made to stretch extremely elastic and bendable limbs. She appeared as the main antagonist of the Chapter 2.

Candy Cat

Possible future antagonist.


Possible future antagonist. A dinosaur.

Boogie Bot

Possible future antagonist. A rapping robot.


Possible ally or future antagonist. The most likely antagonist, as it is the only one who we get to see the most and interact with.

Mini Huggies

The Mini Huggies, also known as the Huggy Buddies are a group of colored variants of Huggy Wuggy that serve as supporting antagonists in the second chapter

Notes & Trivia

  • The only known human to become a toy is Marie Payne, who became Mommy Long Legs.


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