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This is prison marriage, bitch! Woof, woof! This is prison rules! Woof, woof!
~ Tracey Bryant

Tracey Bryant is the main antagonist of the episode "The Worst Stan" of American Dad!. He was Principal Brian Lewis' former prison cellmate.

He was voiced by J.B. Smoove, who also played Kisha Davis' Stepdad Lamar in A Haunted House.


Stan Smith arranges for his release from prison to be at Principal Lewis' wedding to school superintendent Ellen Riggs.

However, at the bachelor party Tracey reveals that he was Principal Lewis' "prison wife" after he beat another inmate.

At first, the two live together in Lewis' home. Due to prison rules, he ends up becoming Stan's prison wife when Stan beats Lewis.

On the day of the wedding, Riggs and Lewis end up not marrying, but Riggs punches Stan for interfering with her plans. As a result of her beating Stan, Ellen then marries Bryant under prison rules as a way to win over the public in her campaign for state comptroller. 9 months later the two have a child and Ellen wins the state comptroller election.


Part 1

Yeah, Brian. Nothin' else to do in here but to get strong.
~ Tracey Bryant to Brian Lewis.
What cha lookin' at, bitch?
~ Tracey Bryant
Uh oh!
~ Tracey Bryant
I can't believe you're gettin' married. 'cause you're already married... to me!
~ Tracey Bryant to Principal Brian Lewis.
I'm his prison wife!
~ Tracey Bryant about his previous marriage to Principal Brian Lewis.
This ring is made out of love, and commitment, and pipe cleaners, and human teeth!
~ Tracey Bryant showing his "wedding ring".
Mm hmm. To this bitch!
~ Tracey Bryant (about himself).
Yes, explain how you gonna stand here, in front of these nice people, and commit a sin like this? I ate yo' ass!
~ Tracey Bryant to Principal Brian Lewis.
Accordin' to prison rules, I became Lewis' bitch after he beat up my previous husband. After that, we had 3 years of wedded bliss. We shared a home, a job, and some excellent toilet wine.
~ Tracey Bryant explaining about his prison marriage.
Prison rules is serious. We follow them 'til we die!
~ Tracey Bryant
It took me 15 years to find you, Big Lew. & I'm never leavin' you again! Ever, forever!
~ Tracey Bryant to Principal Brian Lewis.
Brian, you gotten fat on me. More for me to zerbert! Gotta blow up my brown beach ball!
~ Tracey Bryant to Prinicpal Brian Lewis.
I still don't understand I'm not ridin' with Lew-Lew.
~ Tracey Bryant
Drive faster! I wanna get into the kitchen to make some fishsticks.
~ Tracey Bryant
Oh! Which one is ours? First thing I'm gonna do is plant some heirloom tomatoes up in here.
~ Tracey Bryant
Hello, white cheese.
~ Tracey Bryant
You can't kill this love! What we got here is the eternal flame. The Bangles, beyotch! Circa '87!
~ Tracey Bryant
I love Brian Lewis. My heart is forever.
~ Tracey Bryant (expressing about his former love to Principal Brian Lewis).
Where we goin'? Our house, to watch movies?
~ Tracey Bryant
You know they made 4 Free Willys? How'd that fat water fool let himself get caught 4 times?
~ Tracey Byrant

Part 2

Hey, cookin' bitch. Hey, cookin' bitch. What cha cookin'? Egg whites? I'm gonna kill you!
~ Tracey Bryant to Francise Smith.
Oh. We need salt. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
~ Tracey Bryant (before shivving Francine Smith).
Just gettin' a Popsicle. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
~ Tracey Bryant (before shivving Francine Smith again).
This is a beautiful wedding. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
~ Tracey Bryant (before shivving Francine Smith again).
Where we goin'? Our house, to take a bubble bath?
~ Tracey Bryant to Ellen Riggs.
Prison rules, girl. You beat up my husband. So I'm your bitch now.
~ Tracey Bryant to Ellen Riggs.



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