Trakis is the main antagonist of the Babylon 5 Season 1 episode Born to the Purple.

He was prortayed by Clive Revell.


Trakis was once a slave of the Centauri Empire, but he was slowly able to work for his own freedom. Upon attaining his own Freedom, Trakis was unable to hold a very steady job, so he made most of his money off of petty crime. Eventually Trakis was able to buy a slave of his own, and in an attempt at revenge, he bought a Centauri. 

Trakis's plans for Babylon 5 existed in many steps. His first was to send his slave-girl, Adira Tyree, off to seduce Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari. She was, however, after torture from Trakis's mind-Probe forced to steal Sensitive information (known as Purple Files) from the Ambassador's quarters. 

When the files were stolen, Trakis fervently denied that he had anything to do with theft, instead saying that his slave was actually an agent of teh Centauri. Hiring Thugs from N'Grath , Trakis was able to delay Babylon 5 Security while he attempted to sell teh Purple Files to the Narn. 

Trakis was, however, eventually encountered by ship Telepath Talia WInter, who used reversepsychology to read his mind while not technically breaking Psi Corps. Directives.

he was presumably captured and put to death by Centauri Athorities.