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You stupid, f-cking asshole. I'm invincible. You stupid motherf-ckers. I'm f-cking Translucent. I'm indestructible. It's only a matter of time before they come for me. You're f-cking dead!
~ Translucent
No, I don't actually vanish. My skin turns into this carbon meta-material that bends the light. Like an invisibility cloak.
~ Translucent to Jimmy Fallon.

Translucent is a minor antagonist in the adaptation of the comic book series The Boys. He was a member of The Seven and a Super, endowed with carbon skin.

He was portrayed by Alex Hassell, who also played Mark Lynch in Torchwood.


In the TV series, Translucent has a far more important role, being one of The Seven's members. Having the ability to turn invisible, he uses this power both for good and to satisfy his own perversion, sneaking into the woman's bathroom often. Getting in trouble when he catches Hughie lay a bug in Seven Tower, he later confronts the man, only to be knocked out by Billy Butcher. He is then kidnapped by Hughie for wanting information about his lover's demise, only to mock the man. This later turns out to be his undoing, as Translucent's fate is sealed by Hughie in "Cherry" by a explosive going off in his rear.

In the premiere of the second season, Homelander gives a speech at Translucent's funeral, lying to the people that he was killed by a super-terrorist named El Diablo. He states Translucent's final words were that he loves his son Maverick, and to stop these "supervillains" for all the sons and daughters of America. Starlight appears and sings at his service.


Buddy, my superpower ain't invisibility. You know that, right? It's reading people. Watching them when they think they're alone. I see people for who they really are. I see you, too, pal.
~ Translucent to Hughie.



  • Although Translucent's skin is invulnerable due to the diamond hard material, his internal organs are not made of the same material and are susceptible to any damage given to them including any force capable of penetrating his skin or as seen in the series, an explosive device should it be inserted through Translucent's anus.


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