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You stupid, f-cking asshole. I'm invincible. You stupid motherf-ckers. I'm f-cking Translucent. I'm indestructible. It's only a matter of time before they come for me. You're f-cking dead!
~ Translucent.

Translucent is a minor antagonist of highly controversial TV series The Boys. He was a member of The Seven and a Super, endowed with carbon skin.

He was portrayed by Alex Hassell.


Hughie's confrontation

Translucent is frequently seen lurking in places he shouldn't be within Seven Towers — frequently, this is the women's bathroom. Translucent's habit throws him into trouble after he catches Hughie Campbell plant a bug at Seven Tower in The Name of the Game. Translucent confronts Hughie at work, however is attacked by Billy Butcher, who is able to knock him unconscious with Hughie's help.

The two lock Translucent in Butcher's car, seeking help from Frenchie. Eventually, Translucent is confronted by Hughie while locked in a cage, who wants information about his girlfriend's death. Translucent mocks Hughie, which eventually leads to Translucent's death at the formers' hands in Cherry.

In the comics

In the comics, Translucent is not a member of The Seven, nor is he a notable character/Supe. He is not the first kill of Hughie Campbell, instead, Hughie kills Blarney Cock, a member of Teenage Kix. Translucent's spot on the Seven is filled by Jack from Jupiter, who also has indestructible skin, but only when he says "Carpo", which he doesn't do very often as the process is quite uncomfortable. Jack is also unable to turn invisible, but is capable of flight, unlike Translucent. Jack is stabbed to death by Butcher after killing Butcher's dog, Terror.



  • Although it's explain his skin is invulnerable, he is still killed when an explosive killed him from the inside, which doesn't make any sense.


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