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Just as I suspected, hollow.
~ Skeletor commenting Trap Jaw's stupidity after tapping his head.

Trap Jaw is an antagonist featured in the Masters of the Universe franchise, in both the toy-line and accompanying cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He is a member of the Evil Warriors led by Skeletor, and became one of the most frequently used villains of the series, usually paired alongside Beast-Man. His portrayal is generally coarse, bumbling, and incompetent. However, in the 2002 relaunch of the Masters of the Universe, Trap Jaw is modified to appear more menacing, although more intimidating. His biggest role is Trap Jaw heading after invincibility. The cartoon revealing him to be a blue-skinned criminal named Kronis who was repaired by Skeletor and Tri-Klops after he tried to overthrow the former.

He was voiced by the late Lou Scheimer in the 1983-1985 cartoon and by Paul Dobson in the 2002-2004 reboot series. He's set to be voiced by Diedrich Bader in the upcoming Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


While originally portrayed as a sadistic psychotic mass murderer in the mini comics, he is an bold but bumbling, dimwitted and incompetent in the original cartoon. However, he still has his moments in the spotlight, most notably in the episode "Double Edged Sword, in which he goes after the mineral Eternium, Eternia's most powerful mineral which powers the Royal Kingdom, and eats it, giving him power equal to that of He-Man. He also occasionally shows mechanical expertise given his skills in using his cybernetics.

In the 2002 cartoon, Trap Jaw is a bit more intimidating than his classic self but remains still bumbling and somewhat incompetent. He is also revealed to be really backstabbing as he betrays Stratos even after making a brief truce.

Powers and Abilities

Trap Jaw is equipped with a mechanical right arm that can mold into a claw or blaster and with an loop on his helmet that allows him to slide on wires. He also has powerful prosthetic jaws that can allow him to bite through metal.


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