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Yeah, I don't really have that much of a life, so I go around setting traps. I don't really have a reason for doing it, it's just so fun, wha. I guess that's the reason I do it.
~ The Trapper to Jason.

The Trapper is the titular main antagonist of Klay World: The Trapper. He is an unnamed Klayman who likes to set up traps that involve killing other Klaymen.

He was voiced by Robert Benfer.



Nothing is known about the Trapper's life, other than his enjoyment of setting traps around Klay World and likes seeing others being killed and has shown no remorse for his actions.

The Trapper

The Trapper is first seen luring his friend Jason into one of his traps, which costs his hand. The Trapper tells him that he is a professional trapper because he doesn't "have much of a life". Jason asked him how to build traps and the Trapper agreed to help.

The Trapper and Jason set a trap that involves a Klayman reaching for a plate of salad. As the Klayman reached for the salad, a rope caught around him and bisected him. The Trapper celebrates his success and starts doing his signature dance, with Jason stands and stares at the dead Klayman.

In the next trap, the Trapper uses two life-size mugs and tied them together with a rope. The Trapper and Jason see a Klayman walking by, triggering the rope, he is crushed by them. The Trapper once again starts to celebrate and dancing. Later, the Trapper and Jason put on fake mustaches and tells a Klayman that they're giving out free books. The Trapper gives a book to the Klayman, once he opens it he is shot dead, as a pistol is planted inside the book. As the Trapper was dancing, Jason became tired of the Trapper's obsession with traps and suggested that they do something else, the Trapper agreed.

Jason and the Trapper are seen stood around doing nothing. But the Trapper becomes bored and tries to push Jason into one of his traps. A life-sized BB gun a large red X on the ground. However, Jason realized that the Trapper wanted to kill him and refused to step on the red X, causing the Trapper to push him down. Unfortunately, this activated the gun, causing it to shoot through the Trapper's face. The Trapper uses his final moments to perform his song and dance, before dying, ending his trap schemes for good.





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