The Trash Monster is the climax antagonist of the 2012 racing video game LittleBigPlanet Karting. It is a giant evil monster made of various trash and items that The Hoard have stolen.


The Hoard travel throughout the Craftverse, stealing anything they possibly can just to stash and hoard it away on their home planet Hoard, Sweet Hoard. Sackboy goes to help fight them off, though they continue to steal and stash. After talking with Venus the Flytrap on Eve's Asylum, she warns Sackboy that she has had a vision of a terrible darkness, and that the Hoard do not realize what they have created.

Upon reaching Hoard, Sweet Hoard through the Funkhole, Sackboy is confronted by the Hoard. However, just then, the Trash Monster emerges, brought to life by the negative energy and beginning a destructive rampage. The Hoard flee and hide, but Sackboy stays to battle the monster.

The Trash Monster spawns Trash Minions, which race around firing weapons at Sackboy. Sackboy battles them and, after defeating all ten of them, the Trash Monster joins the battle itself. It hovers around the battlefield, arcing electricity at Sackboy and hurling bombs at his kart when Sackboy enters its searchlights. Sackboy must shoot the thrusters on its bottom with Lob Bombs to temporarily cripple it, though this will result in the monster chucking bombs all over the arena before getting back up. After destroying all three of its thrusters, the monster falls.

The Hoard come out from hiding and, seeing the consequences of their actions, reform and make amends. However, the Trash Monster is still alive, and tries one last desperate attack by self-destructing. Sackboy and the Hoard flee to safety before the Trash Monster explodes, destroying itself and Hoard, Sweet Hoard and sending all of the stolen items back into the Craftverse.


Though never speaking, the Trash Monster is shown to be wrathful and violent, only seeking destruction and chaos. As it was created by the evil actions of the Hoard, all it desires is to do evil and will attack anything, including presumably the Hoard themselves.





  • Despite being a heap of living trash, the game refers to the monster as a "he".


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