At Trask Industries, we're solving tomorrow's problems today.
~ A company slogan of Trask Industries.
Trask Industries: Solving tomorrow's problems today.
~ A motto of Trask Industries.
Advancing human progress.
~ A motto of Trask Industries.

Trask Industries is a weapons and technology company founded and owned by it's namesake president Bolivar Trask, and it is one of many antagonistic factions in the Marvel Comics universe. It is also responsible for their aid in the creation of the Sentinels designed and invented by Bolivar Trask himself.


The Trask Industries was founded by Dr. Bolivar Trask in 1967 for development of DNA-generated artificial limbs that revolutionized the field of prosthetics. Unknown to the public, the company was also known for capturing and experimenting mutants for its own purpose of eradicating mutantkind.

It was told in the future that Trask would be assassinated by Mystique for his unethical experiments on several mutants that she befriended in 1973, and that the entire incident would lead the government to sanction the Sentinel program to eradicate any mutants, and that the Sentinels would later rebel and eradicate both mutantkind and humankind in the future.

To prevent this, Wolverine travels back into 1973, where he team up with a young Charles Xavier and a young Erik Lensherr into convincing Mystique to reconsider her intentions. They manage to do so after Mystique saves the President from Erik's rampage, conving the President that not all mutants are threats as Trask wants him to believe. As Erik and Magneto left in peace, the President soon learns that Trask is selling military secrets to outside countries, so he order Trask arrested for his crimes.

It can be implied that Trask Industries is shut down following Trask's arrest.



  • In the film X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bolivar Trask said he named the Sentinels after the guardians of the citadel. In actuality, it was taken that he meant The Citadel, the real-life military academy in SC, and that its guards were dubbed "Sentinels".
  • Trask Industries was mentioned in the 1988 romantic comedy-drama movie Working Girl although there is no direct connection between the two.
  • Trask Industries' main headquarters is located at 66000 Caliban Circle Drive in McLean, Virginia.


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