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Travis is the central antagonist of Hostel III. He is the right hand man of Flemming.

He was portrayed by Chris Coy.


At the start, Travis a young man enters a hotel, in which a couple from Ukraine, Victor and Anka, are residing. Both Anka and Victor get drugged by Travis with the beer he got them, and it is revealed that Travis is one of the members of the Elite Hunting. Victor then ends up waking up inside of a cell, in a abandoned building, and sees how two guards are taking Anka out for torture.

Later on, Travis manages to kidnap Scott, Carter, Justin, and Kendra, people which appeared during the film, and they get placed inside of their own cells, along with Victor. Justin gets taken by two of the guards and gets killed by the Masked Woman, while Carter goes onto explaining that he is a member of the Elite Hunting, showing his tattooed hand, and they let him go.

Flemming, Carter, and Travis then stare at Victor getting killed by the woman. Eventually, Scott and Carter get into a fight, since Carter was supposed to kill Scott, but Flemming let Scott go from the chair he was locked in. Scott ends up calling the cops and gets Kendra free, which gets shot by Travis. Furious Flemming then commands that all of the prisoners must be killed. Scott and Travis get into a fight, and Scott manages to kill Travis.


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