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Travis Cole is the main antagonist of the 1998 comedy film Dirty Work.


After Mitch Weaver and his buddy Sam McKenna opened the revenge-for-hire business "Dirty Work", the two soon interfered with Travis. He later then promised the men to pay enough money in order to save the latter's father Pops after Pops himself had a heart attack. In doing so, Cole have them destroy and vandalize "his" apartment building, while it turns out the building was actually owned by the landlord Mr. John Kirkpatrick and that Cole tricked Mitch and Sam into destroying it so he can buy it to build a parking lot for his luxurious new opera house.

Unbeknownst to Cole, Mitch secretly recorded the businessman's confession and he and Sam planned to use it against him as a revenge plan. They then set up a trap to sabotage an opening night of an Italian opera sponsored by Cole and, using the theater's sound system, had the confession of the Cole's true motives played back. After hearing this and realizing that his public image's tarnished, Travis Cole grudgingly agreed to pay the $50,000 dollars but was later punched, arrested and eventually jailed at the end.


  • He was portrayed by Christopher McDonald who also played Kerr, Shooter McGavin, Wilson Croft, Kent Mansley, and Hourglass.
  • When Mitch and Sam discussed about destroying 99 Franklin Street with Travis Cole, the map on Cole's office wall is of greater Cleveland, Ohio.
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