Treacheron is the samurai themed second general of Scorpius' army and a supporting antagonist in the second half of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. He the archenemy of the original Magna Defender.

He was portrayed by Derek Stephen Prince, who also voiced Elgar and Piedmon.


3,000 years ago, Treacheron was the archrival of the Magna Defender and in their final battle, he imprisoned his foe in the planet Mirinoi.

After the destruction of Furio, Treacheron took his place and was assigned by his master to seek out the Lights of Orion. At one point, Trakeena managed to get him to let her come with him on one of his missions, despite the fact that Scorpius would definitely be angry about it. When the insect overlord demanded that Treacheron explain himself, he lied and told him and said Trakeena had followed him without his permission. After the Lights of Orion were finally discovered, the samurai general and Destruxo set out to retrieve them. Impostra disguised herself as Treacheron and convinced Destruxo to absorb the Lights' power. Believing the samurai had betrayed him, Scorpius confined him to a cell and he swore to have vengeance on whoever had done this. Treacheron was told about what happened by the Shark Brothers and he put together a little revenge scheme. The samurai general told Trakeena the location of a silver goblet, which she went to find, then escaped and prepared an ambush. Treacheron would have succeeded if the Power Rangers had not shown up and he was then defeated by the Red Ranger.


  • Treacheron's name comes from the word "treachery", which ironic since he is loyal to Scorpius.
  • A banner with Treacheron's logo can be seen on Captain Mutiny's ship as well as ones for Villamax, Hexuba, and Barbarax.
  • His Super Sentai countpart, Sword General Budoh, worked for Captain Mutiny's counterpart (who was the main antagonist) but in Power Rangers, he worked for Scorpius (who was made the main antagonist in the Power Rangers adaption).


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