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We lived free... and empty lives. We'd make money and squander it. Then we'd be forced to find some way to make more money, which we would then squander again.
Everyone in the Treasure Hoarders would say that they're happy, but not one of us could escape that vicious cycle.
~ Jilliana talking about her former life as a Treasure Hoarder

The Treasure Hoarders are one of the antagonistic factions in Genshin Impact. They are a gang of bandits who have traces across numerous locations in Teyvat, particularly in Liyue. While their primary goal is treasure hunting, they are also known to become hostile towards unfortunate adventurers who happens to have stumbled upon their territory.


An infamous transnational organization identifiable by their Ravenwing motif. Their members are a rag-tag bunch of ruffians with precious little in their hands beyond an obsession with treasure.
~ In-game loading screen.

The Treasure Hoarder was established by their founder, Reed Miller at some point around the events of the game as an organization of "mutual cooperation". They are found on numerous locations Teyvat, and even on uncharted domains.

With their Ravenwing motif, their tenacious spirits will never stop at exploring vast areas such as the dry lands or the depths of the ocean, just to find any precious treasures for their wealth.

As for the membership, each of the Treasure Hoarders have their own origin as to how they have ended up joining the cause and starting the life of crime. Some of the members simply have joined due to the poverty or lack of education in their home place, while some have joined after the closure of their workplace. Despite this, most members seem to have never overcame destitute as their gluttony eventually caused them to burn their wealth quickly, a vicious cycle that every members cannot escape from.

For their criminal activities, their modus operandi is not just only treasure hunting but they are also infamous for being rough to anyone unfortunate nearby. Some Treasure Hoarders are quite deceptive; using various situations in order to manipulate their victims and gain advantage.



Regular foot soldiers of the Treasure Hoarders. They will attack with their throwing knives, which will shine before being thrown as a warning to dodge it. When the player strays too near, they can deliver a swift roundhouse kick.


Treasure Hoarders specialized in ranged combat. They are armed with crossbows and are defenseless against close combat.


Treasure Hoarders that are expert alchemists capable of brewing up volatile and dangerous concoction. According to their dialogues, these Potioneers are possibly alchemists who performs illegal experiments, treating the Traveler as a 'test subject'. They come up in four different variants: Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro. They will throw their concoction at the player character, which explodes dealing Elemental damage and leaves a puddle of the respective element which deals damage over time when stepped on.

Like the Scouts, they will deliver a roundhouse kick at close range.


A fattish Treasure Hoarder who wields a shovel. They can dig out soil from the ground and hurl it at the player, dealing damage and impairing their vision. They can also use their shovels as melee weapons.


Tall and muscular-built Treasure Hoarders who specializes in hand-to-hand combat. They can deliver powerful punches consisting of two-slug combos or a lunge attack.


Tall and muscular-built Treasure Hoarders who is armed with a hammer. Their attacks are rather slow but deals tremendous damage if not avoided. They are about the same height as the Pugilist.


Burly Treasure Hoarders who are also specialized in close combat. Unlike the Pugilist, the Handymen uses kicks instead of punches. They are exceptionally agile, using powerful three-swing kicks and dropkicks.


A Treasure Hoarder armed with oars. They can perform a charge attack, wildly swinging their oars against the player character. However, this attack will leave them tired, thus vulnerable to attacks.


High-ranking members of the Treasure Hoarders, there are currently four elites that made their first appearance as event-exclusive enemies during the "Fleeting Colors in Flight" event. All of them possesses a status buff that significantly increases their Defense but can be countered by the Quelling Firecrackers.

  • Carmen - Fattish Treasure Hoarder wielding a shovel. He is a mix of both the Gravedigger and the Seama: Capable of performing a charging attack with his shovel and lob dirt at the player character.
  • Boss - A female Treasure Hoarder boss. She is armed with an axe.
  • Liuliu - A ranged combatant armed with a crossbow that shoots flaming arows. He can also throw molotovs as a counterattack. Note that this Liuliu is different from the ones encountered during the previous "Lantern Rite" event.
  • Wallenstein - This elite is armed with a hammer and is a far more enhanced version of the Crusher. He can perform a wide array of attacks ranging from a jump attack to a more powerful spinning attack with his hammer.

Notable Treasure Hoarders

  • Freckle Huang: The leader of the Treasure Hoarders in Liyue. He briefly appeared in the Archon Quest, 'Guizhong' as a minor antagonist.
  • Raptor: Also known as the "Flying Thief On The Horizon". This Treasure Hoarder is a Marksman who is renown for his expert gliding skills. He attempted to steal an artifact in the Church of Favonius, however he was eventually tracked down after the said stolen artifact was imbued with Elemental markings on it. He was found in a domain in which he was eventually defeated and got arrested after a short fight.
  • Liuliu: A Treasure Hoarder who writes various logs and notes across numerous locations in Liyue, particularly near ruins. He was encountered in-game during the Lantern Rite event as "???". His name will be revealed using the Elemental Sight mechanic, however the letter he possessed during the event is strangely riddled with typos when translated to the Teyvat language, something most of his letters do not have. This is probably done on purpose.
  • Tyler: This Treasure Hoarder is first encountered in Mona's Story Quest. He is disguised as a merchant along with his brothers, looking for tired travelers to rob. His ulterior motive however was exposed by Mona's astrology, which has the power to reveal any dangerous situation.
  • Knotty: An NPC Treasure Hoarder located near a collapsed bridge which leads to Dragonspine. He developed hypothermia probably after exploring the freezing cold areas of the mountain.
  • Ulman: A Treasure Hoarder exclusive to the Lost Riches event. He has a Treasure-seeking Seelie as his companion which suddenly stops responding to him for unknown reasons. Unlike the traditional members of the group, Ulman despises his gang's motives for their greed. He gives his Treasure-seeking Seelie to the Traveler during the event in order to hunt down Iron Coins to be exchange for valuable items he sells.
  • Uwe: A Treasure Hoarder Marksman who only appears in Barbara's Hangout Story. He confronts Barbara as an attempt to manipulate her into healing him for his injuries by claiming he is an injured Springvale hunter, his modus operandi. Depending on the chosen decision, he will be either admitting his true intentions before thanking and rewarding Barbara with Sweet Flowers due to healing his injuries or gets defeated by the Traveler after finding him suspicious.
  • Bao'er: An NPC found at Stone Gate. She is a female Treasure Hoarder who claims herself to be an archeologist seeking treasures and artifacts. Her identity is soon revealed during the commission "A Little Raid" in which Soraya, a researcher from the nation of Sumeru claims Bao'er would rather want to claim all the treasures for herself or a vanguard for her main group.
  • Yan'er: An NPC first appeared in the World Quest "The Chi of Yore". She would later be encountered at "Hiromi's Watch" where she was trapped in an amber by the Mountain Shaper to prevent her from falling to death. She later reveals to the Traveler that she is childhood friends with Kazu and Hiromi (a Shogunate). She was also later revealed to be the "Boss" and "Big Sis" mentioned in several Treasure Hoarders' journals.
  • Kazu: A Treasure Hoarder from Inazuma. He is the childhood friend of both Yan'er and Hiromi.
  • Fei the Flyer: A Treasure Hoarder found during the Clux Clash where he joined for the Masterless Vision. He is voiced by P. M. Seymour.

Former Members

  • Li Dang and Li Ding: They were members of the Treasure Hoarder until Li Dang became trapped in an amber. Li Ding would later plea the traveler to help his brother. Afterwards, both left the group and atone for their misdeeds.
  • Jilliana: A nun found at the Mondstadt Cathedral. She is the wife of Rudolf who later reveals her to be once a member of the Treasure Hoarders until she started raising a family.
  • Ross the Quick: A Treasure Hoarder scout found sitting at the shore of Cider Lake. He was tasked in finding a place known as the Abandoned City however, he did not make any progress.
  • Grand Thief: He was a Treasure Hoarder from Fontaine, he was presumably murdered by the Abyss Herald.
  • Golden Alligator: A Treasure Hoarder Scout found exclusively at Beidou's Hangout Event. Fearful in her presence, he and his men tried to flee but instead was stopped by Beidou and allowed to take the treasure they have found before being offered a honest job in order to depart from Treasure hoarding.

In-game Description

A ragtag group of bandits whose traces can be found all across the lands, even in deepest depths of uncharted domains.
Although their main purpose is hunting treasure, they are also known to get rough with unfortunate bystanders who happen to be nearby.
It's said that the group's founder, Reed Miller, defined the Treasure Hoarders as "an organization of mutual cooperation."
~ Adventurer Handbook
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
Theirs is the legwork and the tailing of targets. They usually wind up in criminal circles due to poverty or lack of education, but they don't seem to have gotten any richer after choosing a life of crime...
~ Archives description - Scout
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
Though they are called "marksmen", this name has an undercurrent of mockery to it, as they use crossbows instead of bows, which require a long period of training to use. It must be said that even hilichurls know how to operate a crossbow. Just point the wider end at the enemy, pull the trigger, and bam — that's all there is to it.
~ Archives description - Marksman
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
Risk-takers who utilize their knowledge of chemistry to mix volatile and flammable brews that aid in their comrades' dastardly deeds.
~ Archives description - Pyro Potioneer
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
They say that some Treasure Hoarder Potioneers used to be charlatans who would wander villages, towns, and cities, hawking their special blends of elixirs, holy waters, and the like. These cure-alls certainly seem to serve better in combat than they ever did in chicanery.
~ Archives description - Electro Potioneer
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
Cryo Potioneers are quite welcome sight amongst the Treasure Hoarders due to their elixirs having the ability to rapidly cool things down. Even out in the wild where there are no Mist Flowers to be found, they can have some cold liquor to make merry with.
~ Archives description - Cryo Potioneer
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
"They say that we stand on the shoulders of giants. That means digging up the accumulated wealth of our forebears, taking them with us, and... uh, returning them to the economic cycle! What a noble endeavor, am I right?"
—A certain Treasure Hoarder Gravedigger, while delving deep into a ruin
~ Archives description - Gravedigger
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
Passionate about battle and muscles, they are quite picky about food and will often boast of the benefits of having fine musculature, leading to some dissatisfaction from their fellow Treasure Hoarders.
~ Archives description - Pugilist
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
This one was originally a miner — one who, even with the allowance they were provided with after the closure of the Chasm, ended up with the Treasure Hoarders for various reasons.
~ Archives description - Crusher
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
These members do physical work and are lower on the pecking order. They are often laughed at for their physique — but when the gang comes under attack, they get a chance to show their unexpectedly high strength and agility.
~ Archives description - Handyman
A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
"Stealing? What do you mean, stealing? It's re-discovery, I tell you — the return of treasure to those who appreciate it! Makes every happy, to boot! How great is that, eh?"
—A certain Treasure Hoarder Seaman, in response to a question posed by a doubtful recruit
~ Archives description - Seaman



  • When defeated, the Treasure Hoarders will crouch and drop smoke bombs before disappearing instead of fading into smaller particles. They are the only human enemies that does not die in that way.
    • However as of Update 1.4, they will now sometimes ragdoll and disintegrate into smaller particles.
  • At the character demo video of Tartaglia, there is a female Treasure Hoarder with an axe that can be briefly seen. This type was nowhere found in-game.
    • However this variation only appeared at the close beta version of the game.


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