Trekal Darhe'el was a Cardassian villain introduced in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Duet.

He was portrayed by Harris Yulin.

In the 2330s, he along with Tekeny Ghemor was one of the Cardassian soldiers present Kiessa Monastery.

By the 2350s Darhe'el had achieved the rank of Gul in the Cardassian military and was assigned to command the Gallitep Labor Camp on Bajor. Darhe'el was a particularly brutal man whose actions at the camp earned him the moniker Butcher of Gallitep. He ordered his men to kill Bajoran men in front of their families, and allowed them to rape Bajoran women in front of their families, forcing their children to watch.

Darhe'el was a favorite of Legate Danig Kell, who had planned to name him the next prefect of Bajor, however Gul Dukat was named to that post instead.

By 2357 Darhe'el reported that the vein at Gallitep had been completely tapped out, and requested permission to close the camp. He planned to have all the Bajorans at the camp killed, however before he could carry out his plans the camp was liberated by the Shakaar resistance cell.

Afterwards he returned to Cardassia Prime where he retired from the military. Darhe'el was remorseless over his actions and his bigotry towards the Bajorans until he died in his sleep in 2363.

Darhe'el was given a large funeral, with a large number of Cardassians viewing his body before it was entombed inside one of Cardassia's largest monuments. After his death his tomb became a place of pilgrimage to Cardassians who saw him as a great military leader.

In 2369 former Gallitep file clerk Aamin Marritza, driven by guilt over what Darhe'el had done, had himself surgically altered to appear as Darhe'el and traveled to Bajor in the hopes that the Bajorans would try and execute him for the crimes Darhe'el and the other Cardassians at Gallitep commited. However Major Kira and Odo released him when they uncovered the deception, refusing to allow the innocent Marritza to answer for Darhe'el's crimes.