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You've done well, David. A few more pieces of the puzzle, and I'll have all I need. Then, I'll be able to bring that FAT PIG gravano to his knees! I waited long enough! Soon... very soon... I'm going to nail that Mafia SCUMBAG! DO YOU HEAR ME?! Not Overtkill. Not Spawn. Not GOD. NOTHING'S going to save Vito!
~ Tremor's vengeance against Tony Twist.
He's right. He didn't. See, threats and torture can be very compelling. You remember that, don't you, Vito? How you got my by threatening my family. You and your damn scientists, trying to build your 'perfect hitman.' And even after you had me. After I said I'd do it, you killed them! My wife. My kids. Everyone, just so you could protect your ass. Well, now it's PAY-BACK!!
~ Tremor to Tony Twist.

Richard Massullo known as Tremor, is a villain turned anti-hero in the Spawn Series. He is a former mobster who was kidnapped by his boss, Tony Twist , for a project known as the Mafia Supersolider program, which mutated him into a cybernetic monster. Depending on his mood and circumstances, he has been either an ally or enemy of Spawn's.

He first appeared in issue #25 and one of the main protagonists of Brigade.


Tremor was originally a man named Richard Masullo who was the muscle of the mafia with his brother David until his time with Tony Twist. Twist had him captured and used for a project called Tremor and used as a guineapig by german scientists in a first attempt to create a supersoldier for the mafia. They did gene manipulation and splicing thus resulted in his demonic appearance dubbed Tremor however it was a failure due to Tremor retaining free will and thus Tony Twist killed his entire family. After this act Tremor was locked up in the laboratory until he manages to escape and vows revenge on Tony Twist.

Sometime Tremor would show up and goes on a rampage to find Tony Twist for killing his family until meeting Spawn. Spawn and Tremor fought until David shows up to hunt him down believe that Tremor killed his family until he finds out that Tremor was actually his own brother Richard. A version of Tremor appears in the Shadows of Spawn manga.

Powers and Abilities

As a result of the cybernetic experiments done to him, Tremor has gained numerous powers and abilities similar to that of Overt-Kill, but to a mutated extent.

  • Superhuman Strength: Tremor has shown that his strength has consistently been on par with that of Spawn.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Tremor's speed easily surpasses regular human standards and can match with the likes of Spawn.
  • Superhuman Durability: Tremor's durability increased to the point where bullets have no
  • Regeneration: As a result of his mutation, Tremor gained the ability to regenerate any wounds or injuries in a short period of time.
  • Claws: As a result of his mutation, Tremor gained sharp claws that can cut through solid metal and other hard surfaces.
  • Fangs: Tremor also gained sharp fangs from his mutation.





  • Aside from a few mentions and cameos, Tremor had been absent from the series for a long period of time. It is unclear why this was the case, though it is believed that it was either mainly because of the legal rights of Tony Twist, which conflicted his story arc of seeking revenge on Twist, or because Todd McFarlane felt that he did not fit the current style of his comics at the time. Despite this, he would make his return in Spawn #'s 222 and 297.
  • The cover that depicts Tremor against Spawn in #'s 222 is a homage of Todd McFarlane's The Amazing Spider-Man #'s 316, depicting Venom against Spider-Man.


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