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Tremor (Spawn)

Tremor is a villain in the Spawn Series.


Tremor was originally a man named Richard Masullo who was the muscle of the mafia with his brother david until his time with Tony Twist. Twist had him caputred and used for a project called Tremor and used as a guinipig by german scientists in a first attempt to create a supersolider for the mafia. They did gene manipulation and splicing thus resulted in his demonic appearnce dubbed Tremor however it was a failure due to Tremor retaining free will and thus Tony Twist killed his entire family. After this act Tremor was locked up in the Labertory until he manages to escape and vows revenge on Tony Twist. Sometime Tremor would show up and goes on a rampage to find Tony Twist for killing his family until meeting Spawn. Spawn and Tremor fought until David shows up to hunt him down believe that Tremor killed his family until he finds out that Tremor was actually his own brother Richard. A version of Tremor appears in the shadows of Spawn manga.

Powers and ablities

Tremor as a cyborg has super-human strength,speed,stamina,and durablity.

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