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You think me an alien... an "other"... but I am of the substance of this universe, and I walked here long before you or even the Great Spirit himself.
~ Tren Krom to Brutaka.
Tren Krom is no myth. He is older than the stars themselves, born in a time when there was no Mata Nui, no Makuta, only never-ending darkness that encompassed all. He walked through a universe in the throes of its' birth, and even the shadows feared him.
~ Mutran on Tren Krom's history
No one can approach without my assent! No one can fight me! No one can kill me! I am eternal!
~ Tren Krom

Tren Krom is an antagonist in the BIONICLE series. He is an ancient, eldritch organic entity who was once created by the Great Beings long before Mata Nui, Artahka and Karzahni themselves. He was also known to be very powerful, though was then regarded as the myth by many beings.


Tren Krom was a massive and monstrous being whose body was alien-like and otherworldly. He was also have an organic crimson body with skull-like face which was fitted with tentacles and have the pairs of green eyes. His torso was also have the large eye between his collar and the large mouth with sharp teeth attached on his stomach and the other mouth was also attached on his left side of his body. He also have two pairs of skeletal arms with three fingers on each hands. His body also surrounded with several tentacles, with the overall sight of him horrifying enough to drive lesser beings insane.


Early life

Before the Great Spirit Mata Nui was born, the Great Beings created one being who was purely organic. They taught me the ways of the universe they were creating and they placed me in its' core. There I was to remain, maintaining the heat, the light, all the forces that made their creation whole...
~ Tren Kron describing himself.

Tren Krom was originally created by the Great Beings and was placed in Karda Nui to temporarily supervise the Matoran Universe while they finished their work. Once Mata Nui was created, the Great Beings then decide that Tren Krom was no longer needed and as the result, he was removed from the island and sealed away in the uncharted island, which he was fused with.

After a few years passed by, the Brotherhood of Makuta once wished to seek out Tren Krom to ensure that he was not a threat to them. They then sent Makuta Mutran to go to his island and investigate his existence while was being escorted by the few Rahkshi. When they arrived into his island and inside the cave, they were confronted by Tren Krom, who decimated the Rahkshi with his mental blast and proceed to merge his mind with Mutran's to search through his thoughts. As the result, Mutran learned not only what Tren Krom truly is, but how the universe works and even why it does. After a few minutes later, Mutran fall unconcious and later woke up in the shore which was near Tren Krom's cave. However, he eventually realized he had the key to aid Makuta Teridax in his quest of overthrowing the Great Spirit.

Federation of Fear

When the member of the Order of Mata Nui named Brutaka and his team arrived into the island to retrieve a cache of weapons, they were suddenly attacked by Tren Krom, who prevented them from escaping as he attacked out of loneliness and the desire to know what had happened to their universe after his exile, manipulating the envionment of the island to supress the group before capturing Brutaka with his tentacle and pull him into his cave.

Once Brutaka was inside, Tren Krom interrogated him and attempt to probe his mind, but Brutaka's mental training prevented him from doing so. He then told Brutaka and his team, who had followed Brutaka into the cave, of his origin and what his purpose was. Lariska; the female member of the Dark Hunters, began to protest their imprisonment and was then grabbed by Tren Krom, who probed her mind and learned all of what happened to the universe. Upon being told of the fate of the universe should Teridax's plan succeed, he instilled horrible visions into their minds. Soon after that, he ordered the team to leave, claiming that the fate of the universe was what they deserve and far worse than anything he could do to them before returning to the shadows.

Reign of Shadows

Later after Teridax successfully took over the universe and became the Great Spirit, Lewa was teleported to Tren Krom's island by Artahka to persuade him to fight against Teridax's rule. Tren Krom agreed and switched bodies with Lewa against his will before departing. Despite his previous anger against the Great Beings for his imprisonment, he felt no extreme animosity toward them, and instead felt obligated to save the universe he had once been in charge of.

Tren Krom arrived on Metru Nui and came into conflict with his allies, who could not agree on what should be done to defeat Teridax. After the arrival of Artakha, Tren Krom was forced back into his original body.


He was removed from his island and killed by Velika on Spherus Magna.

Powers and Abilities

Tren Krom was said to possess great power, nearing that of Mata Nui. He had extensive telepathic abilities, allowing him to read beings' thoughts, and affect their mental state. While being mentally searched, the subject in turn could have access to Tren Krom's mind, though the connection usually had adverse effects on the target. Tren Krom could create an extra eye and emit a beam from this eye which could dissolve a target into dust. Tren Krom also possessed the ability to swap minds with another being, but only if the target gave consent.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the fundamental workings of the Matoran Universe, Tren Krom had the ability to manipulate certain aspects of his environment, such as the rock his island was composed of.

Tren Krom was horrifying and despicable in appearance, and primal in nature. His appearance was so terrible that it was known to drive lesser beings insane.



  • Tren Krom was inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and BIONICLE writer Greg Farshtey stated this to be a "tip of the hat" to the author.


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