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You better pray I never get out of juvenile hall. You better ALL pray!
~ Young Trent swearing vengeance on his classmates.
Don't tell me that! I heard about the things you've done! But there were no magical Christmas adventures with talking poo for me! I didn't get to fight a huge mechanized Barbra Streisand like you did! No accidental trips to Afghanistan for Trent Boyett!
~ Trent Boyett's philosophy on how spoiled the kids are, also mentioning events of previous episodes.

Trenton “Trent” Boyett is the main antagonist of the episode "Pre-School" of South Park.

He was voiced by Trey Parker.


Trent has wild blonde hair and is a perpetual frowner. As a preschooler, he wore black trousers and shoes, a red sleeveless vest with honeycomb pattern and a blue jumper with a truck on it. A gold chain hung around his neck.

Five years later, Trent had put on weight and muscle. His attire remained largely unchanged except for the jumper, which he replaced with a sleeveless black under vest. At some point Trent acquired a pair of tattoo's, one on each bicep. His left arm had a skull and crossbones, with the words "Never Forget" written around it. Meanwhile, his right arm bore a crucifix hovering over the words "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord".


Even as a toddler, Trent was shown to be a rather unpleasant individual, being a bully and self-confessed arsonist. Kyle even stated that Trent had a reputation for being the toughest baddest kid in preschool. This statement was verified, by cutting to a scene of Trent bullying a fellow student for no apparent reason. Following his release, the vengeful Trent did nothing to change this image, having been hardened by years of unjust hardship. As such, the main quartet rightfully feared for their safety.

Despite his unpleasantness and ruthlessness however, Trent did appear to adhere to some code of honor. He was genuinely horrified by what happened to Ms. Clairidge and on both occasions he fully co-operated with the police. Unfortunately, this led to his wrongful arrest. After being set free, Trent only attacked people that wronged him, namely Butters (who witnessed the original incident but said nothing) and later the sixth graders (after they threatened him). Despite them ruining his life, when he finally confronted the boys, Trent indicated that once he'd had his revenge, he would drop the matter forever. He even gave Butter's a head start before coming after him, despite not being inclined to do so.


Wrongful Arrest

Trent Boyett joined South Park Elementary at the same time as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. One day whilst still preschool, Trent was approached by the four friends. They wanted to play a game of Firemen and asked him to start a fire in the classroom, so that they could put it out with their urine and be hero's. After being assured by the boys that they knew what they were doing, the initially hesitant Trent complied.

Unfortunately though, things did not go as planned. The fire spread and when she tried to put it out, Ms. Clairidge, the preschooler teacher, ended up getting very badly burnt and was later rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Whilst she ultimately survived, Ms. Clairidge was left very badly scarred and unable to walk, blink, talk or pick up anything. Her injuries were so extensive that she had to be placed into a futuristic style wheelchair, where she could only communicate by blinking a light (once for yes and twice for no).

Back at the scene, the terrified Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny knew that they were going to be in big trouble and worried about the ramifications of their actions. That was until Cartman pointed out something very important, they were not the ones that started the fire ... Trent Boyett had done that. This gave the boys an idea. Moments later Trent arrived with a couple of police officers in tow, having told the officers about what happened. When confronted about their involvement, the boys, in an act that would later come back to haunt them, lied to the police. Rather than doing as Trent suggested and admitting that it was just a foolish mistake, they feigned ignorance. Instead they pretended that Trent was not only solely responsible, but a liar as well.

Seeing no reason to doubt them, the two officers placed Trent under arrest for arson and attempted murder. As he was being led away, Trent spotted Butter's in the crowd who had witnessed the entire incident. Trent pleaded with him for help, but Butter's refused, saying that if he got involved his parents would ground him. Realizing that he was done for, Trent vowed revenge on Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters. As he was being put into the back of the police car, Trent warned the five boys that they had better pray he never got out of juvenile hall.

Following this incident, Trent was convicted and sent to juvenile hall with a five year minimum tariff. Despite some initial concerns, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, knowing that they would not have to worry about Trent for at least another five years, celebrated their victory and moved on with their lives. Over time, they gradually forget (for the most part) about Trent Boyett and his promise of revenge. Five years later however, they were all singing a completely different tune.

The Quest for Revenge

One morning at South Park Elementary School, Kyle and Kenny, now in the fourth grade, were talking to their fellow classmate Clyde. Suddenly, a petrified Stan came rushing up to them. Pulling his friends aside, he led them into an empty corridor, saying that he needed to talk to them urgently. There, he told them that Trent Boyett had just been paroled. When Cartman walked by moments later, he did a double take when Kyle informed him of this news. Meanwhile Butter's after verifying with the others that the rumors were true, fled from the building in a complete panic. Remembering Trent's promise, Cartman told the others that Trent would be after their blood, though Kyle faintly hoped that Trent might have forgiven them and forgotten the whole incident.

Unfortunately for the boys their concerns were soon proved to be justified. As he marched down the corridor following his release, Trent's expression and tatoo's made it clear that he had not forgiven them or forgotten. Just as he was leaving the prison, one of the guards asked Trent what he intended to do with his new found freedom. Trent subtly indicated that he had a score to settle.

The first victim of Trent's crusade was Butters, who he found cowering on his front porch. Having been kicked out of the house moments earlier by his parents, who were ignorant as to the circumstances behind their sons terror, Butters pleaded to be let back in, but was ignored. Finding himself face to face with Trent, Butters first tried to play nice, before desperately trying to reason with him. He offered to get Trent anything he wanted in exchange for his safety. Trent however, made it very clear that nothing Butters gave him would make up for the time he'd lost.

Instead, Trent told Butters that he was going to give him a five second head-start to escape his vengeance. Butter's tried one last time to reason with him but to no avail, Trent simply kept counting down. Upon reaching three seconds, Butters' realized that he was done for and ran for his life. Unfortunately, he was not fast enough. Trent caught him and subjected Butter's to a series of bullying techniques that were so severe that the young Stotch ended up in a coma. By the Doctor's own admission, Butter's was lucky to be alive.

Butter's was visited in hospital by the other boys who, along with Butter's parents, were horrified to hear what Trent had done to him. Stephen and Linda cursed themselves for not listening to Butter's pleas, whilst the Doctor wondered what sort of kid could do this sort of thing to another person. Meanwhile, the boys despaired for their own safety, knowing that Trent was after them and would not hesitate to do to them, what he had done to Butter's.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny wondered what to do. As Kyle pointed out, they could not tell their parents or anybody else why Trent was after them, or else they would reveal their own duplicity and end up in even bigger trouble than they would have done five years ago. Desperate, Stan suggested that they hire somebody, bigger and meaner than Trent to be their bodyguards. Whilst Trent continued searching and training for his final encounter, the boys went to the sixth-graders, whom they believed to be the toughest people around. Unfortunately, the older kids refused to help them, saying that they would only do so if Stan gave them a picture of his mother, Sharon's, breasts. Eventually, since they found the idea too difficult to pull off, the boys disguised Cartman's butt cheeks as a pair of breasts.

Surprisingly this deception worked and believing themselves to be safe, the boys relaxed. Unfortunately, this happiness proved to be short lived. Later that day, whilst walking down the street, they came across a mountain of destroyed bikes, which they immediately recognized as belonging to the sixth graders. Rushing to the hospital, they discovered that Trent had defeated their hired help effortlessly, who were now writhing in pain from various different types of injury. Worst still, the ring leader then informed the boys that they had told Trent who hired them.

Now in bigger trouble than ever before, the boys once again feared for their lives. Now desperate, Stan realised that there was only one other person that could possibly help them now ... his sister, Shelly, who was usually mean to them. Going to his sister, Stan tearfully pleaded for help and when she asked why this was happening, confessed all to her. Although she softened up slightly, taking pity on their fear of Trent (claiming that bullying them was her job), Shelly (like the sixth graders) demanded that they do something before she would help them. She ordered the four boys to confess to Ms. Clairidge that the fire was their fault and apologize to her for what had happened.

With no other choice, Stan and the others complied. They found Ms. Clairidge, whose battery had run out of power, sitting motionlessly on a crosswalk and started to apologize to her. A split second before they could tell her the full story however, Trent Boyett finally found them!

Now face to face with the boy whose life they'd ruined, the boys tried to reason with Trent, saying that they were sorry and about to confess. Unmoved, Trent indicated that this change of heart did not change anything. He pointed out that whilst they had gotten to live normal lives and gone on amazing adventures, he had been forced to endure five years of hardship in juvenile hall as a result of their deception. With that prepared to attack them.

Not wanting to be subjected to the same torture as Butters' or the sixth graders, Cartman (in a last desperate act) pulled out his mothers taser, which he had taken from he purse for protection. Ignoring Trent's declaration that they would be even once he had had his retribution, Cartman refused to submit. When Trent advanced upon him, Cartman fired the taser at him, but missed. Instead the prongs hit Ms. Clairidge's wheelchair, overcharging it. This set off chain reaction and the five boys watched in complete horror as Ms. Clairidge's wheelchair went spinning out of control. Zooming across the street, she crashed into a propane shop, then a pet store during which she was set on fire (again) and attacked by cats respectively. Moments later, she plowed into a fire hydrant knocking it over, which mercifully put out the flames and scared away the felines.

The emergency services were contacted and Ms. Clairidge was once again loaded into the back of an ambulance. Aware about the previous incident, the investigating officer accused Trent of trying to finish what he started five years ago. Prompted, Trent once again indicated that Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny were the ones at fault. Despite everything that they had been through, the boys, ultimately learnt nothing from their experience and repeated the same mistake they had previously made, by claiming that Trent was lying again. This time, (instead of just taking their word for it), the lead officer asked Ms. Clairidge if Trent was responsible. She responds by blinking her light twice for "No" indicating that Trent is innocent. Unfortunately, the police officer (and the crowd) misinterpret this as "Yes, yes" and Trent (despite his pleas) was arrested for a second time.

Freed from the wrath of Trent Boyett, the boys celebrated their freedom once again. Cartman even went so far as to moon Trent as he is being taken away. Although Cartman did receive a small comeuppance, courtesy of the sixth graders, he and the rest of his friends ignored the future ramifications of their actions. In five years time, their tormentor would (in all likelihood) be released from juvenile hall again. When that time came, the four boys would have to face a very similar ordeal, experiencing the wrath of an even tougher and meaner Trent Boyett.



  • When Trent was arrested, he had the following items upon him: a Crayola eight pack with a crayon sharpener, a pair of round tipped scissors, a blue marble and a switch blade knife with "Kill all betrayers" written on the blade. These were confiscated upon his detainment and only returned upon his release.
  • Trent's family is never mentioned throughout the episode. It is never stated what happened to them: i.e. if Trent is an orphan or if his parents disowned him/moved away following his arrest.
  • On a similar note, it is not known where Trent stayed following his release.
  • Despite being classified as the episodes main antagonist, Trent has gained a lot of sympathy from South Park fans. Many have pointed out that the trauma Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman went through, was entirely self inflicted. This episode is generally seen as one of the few where the four boys not only fail to learn their lesson, but can be considered the real antagonists.



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