Trent Fernandez-Mercer is the 5th and White member of the Dino Rangers who first started out as a corrupted ranger. After he broke the Dino Gem controlling his body, he finally got to use it for good and help the other 4 rangers. When Trent first fought as the good guy, Zeltrax created the White Ranger Clone that also integrated with the evil of Trent's Ranger Powers.

For sake of this wikia, this would only going to include his actions until his redemption after his newfound Ranger powers purified.

History as Villain

After uncovering an invisiportal in his father's office, Trent was transported into the lair of the evil Mesogog, where he came in contact with the White Dino Gem, which transformed him into the White Ranger.

However, the Gem had a mind of its own, due to Mesogog and Elsa's reconstruction of its powers, transforming Trent deliberately whenever it wants and turned him into a rogue villain as White Ranger. The White Ranger worked as a loner, doing whatever he wanted with no one's help during his odds with Power Rangers Dino Thunder group, until he partnered with Mesogog's team. When he was suspected of being a traitor and was about to be eliminated by the Life Extractor. During the draining process Mesogog turned back into Dr. Anton Mercer, and moved the drain device causing the energy to reflect off of things in the lab and land back into the Morpher with an explosion, causing the evil in the Dino Gem to be destroyed and leaving the White Ranger power still active. But during his redeemption, the others accepted him in the team, but told if he really want to join their team he have to cleaning all the zords (Included his zord). wich he accept.

Redemption and Odds with White Ranger Clone

With the evil in his Dino Gem destroyed, he join forces with Ranger against Mesogog's team. But his trust with other Ranger was challenged because the Zeltrax, with remnants of the latest destroyed monster named Copyotter, created the evil clone out of him whom causes troubles until the Rangers able to differentiate between the clone and the real, redeemed Trent. Trent's troubles with his evil clone didn't stopped there as due to share the same powers that causes glitch in Morphing Grid, he and his clone must battle against each other until one of them is destroyed. In the end, Trent was won the fight, and his powers became stable.


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