Trent Kort is a former CIA operative and a recurring character from NCIS. He started as a neutral character and in Season 13 emerged as the main antagonist of the last episodes of the season.


In 2002, he sold nuclear secrets to the Russians. He had Allen Kane of NCIS to keep quiet to his dealings. He then ordered the Russians to capture fellow MI6 officer Jacob Scott's wife, Nika Razin, who was a dealer. 

However, the Russians killed her instead. He then took part of Operation Lodestone to make René Beniot a.k.a. La Grenouille the biggest arms dealer in the world. But the operation was jeopardized by NCIS Director Jenny Shepard who sent Anthony DiNozzo on a mission to go undercover as the boyfriend of Jeanne Beniot, the daughter of La Grenouille.

He also tried to undermine Shepard for faking her father's survival in order to make her fail the polygraph to protect La Grenouille and his business. It was implied that Kort was the one who murdered Shepard's father. Eventually, though, the operation failed as La Grenouille was killed.

Kort's Death

Kort's Death

He then proceeded to frame Scott for the leak of the nuclear secrets. He then murdered Thomas Morrow (the former director of NCIS), and Jessica Ter (the chief of MI6), as well as attacking FBI agent Tobias Fornell who tried to keep Jessica in protective custody.

He then learns that late Mossad Director Eli David has the evidence in confirming the role of the leak, and in order to destroy the evidence and keeping the NCIS, the CIA, and the FBI off his scent, hired a Pakistani to launch a mortar strike on the David farmhouse, destroying the evidence and apparently killing former NCIS agent, Ziva David, who happened to be inside the farmhouse, although it was revealed in the Season 16 finale, that Ziva was in fact alive. But eventually after kidnapping Edgar Polk and while attempting to burn down the house with Polk in it, he was found by NCIS along with FBI agent Tess Monroe, and MI6 agent Clayton Reeves. While attempting to flee, he found himself surrounded by the agents, including Tony who arrived later. Not willing to surrender, he reaches out for his gun but was shot and killed by the agents, ending his reign of terror once and for all.


  • Jasper Shepard
  • Henri Rousseau
  • Eric Killian
  • Andre Vogel
  • Jacob Scott (attempted to frame)
  • Thomas Morrow
  • Jessica Ter
  • Tobias Fornell (attempted)
  • Edgar Polk (kidnapped; attempted to leave him in the burning house)

Indirect Victims

  • Nika Razin
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