Trent Maddock is the main antagonist of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He first appeared in the twelfth episode of Season 1, "Josh and I Work on a Case", released in 2016. He originally appearing to be a mirror version of Rebecca when she was in New York, even going as far as to displaying symptoms of her own madness.

As time went on, he gradually exposed himself as an extreme and ruthless version of Rebecca. And unlike Rebecca, he had no sense of self-actualization, restraint or morality when it comes to pursuing his obsessive ambitions.

He was portrayed by Paul Welsh.


Trent is initially created as a fake boyfriend for Rebecca in an attempt to assure Josh she had no feelings for him (though untrue). Not believing Rebecca has a boyfriend, Valencia, Josh's jealous girlfriend, calls Trent and requests he come to West Covina so she may prove Rebecca is lying. When Trent eventually shows up, he initially covering up for Rebecca's lie to her delight. Trent reveals to Rebecca that since their Harvard days, he had been infatuated with her despite having never spoken to her. With no place to stay while in West Covina, Trent manipulates Rebecca into letting him stay at hers. Trent displays more of his manipulative skill by blackmailing her into letting him cook for her, massage her and sleep at the foot of her bed. Rebecca recuperates her thoughts and realizes the lunacy of the situation and how uncomfortable she finds Trent and kicks him out. Not willing to let go, Trent vows to win her back despite the fact Rebecca shuts a door on Trent while he reads a love letter. Trent discovers incriminating evidence for Rebecca to use in a case she is working on for Josh and presents it to her in the hopes of winning her back (and sleeping at the foot of her bed again). Rebecca accepts the evidence but declines Trent's offer, and sends him away.

In Season 2, following Rebecca's rejection, Trent prepares a multi-step plan on getting Rebecca back in his life. He moves to West Covina (like Rebecca did for Josh), taking a semi-leave of absence from his company's operations, and spending thousands of dollars on stereotypical Californian items. He then initiates his plan by attempting to become friends with Josh and his friends. Trent does not succeed in this, however, due to his unsettling personality. After Paula is trapped in a bathroom, Trent uses inhumane strength to lift rubble away, freeing Paula. A depressed Rebecca sleeps with Trent, unknowingly taking his virginity, further enhancing his infatuation with Rebecca.

After time passes, Trent's chivalry begins to fade. Trent discovers Josh and Rebecca are soon to marry and vows to put a stop to this. Trent then hires a US government official to find everything there is on Rebecca in the hopes of finding damaging material, giving it to Josh and putting Josh of Rebecca. Trent discovers Rebecca used to be the mistress of a married Harvard professor who broke things off with Rebecca, resulting in her setting fire to the professor's house. Hoping the file may increase Josh's already present doubts of the wedding, Trent gives the file to Josh, resulting in Josh leaving Rebecca at the altar.

In Season 3, it is revealed Trent watched Rebecca's wedding meltdown on a drone. Hoping to find Rebecca at her honeymoon suite, Trent is hit by a bus and severely injured. Immobile and in severe pain, Trent was forced to witness poor comedic material of the doctor, an aspiring comedian. When he gained the strength to do so, Trent escaped from the hospital. Upon finding Rebecca, he successfully blackmails her into being his girlfriend and manages to control everything within the relationship. Rebecca manages to end the relationship successfully following strong beratement. As revenge for breaking his heart, Trent decides to kill Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel at a party he was hosting. Before the murder was committed, Rebecca pushes Trent off the top of a penthouse apartment, hospitalizing him.

In Season 4, Trent confesses his intent to kill Nathaniel following threats from Paula, releasing Rebecca from prison. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Incredible Strength: Trent Maddock has displayed inhumane levels of strength, managing to triumph the strength of Paula, Valencia, Karen, Rebecca and Heather in an attempt to lift a collapsed ceiling in the bathroom of Rebecca's house. He claimed that he lift boulders and dragged large logs as a routine workout regimen.
  • Incredible Resilience: He also claimed that his recent physical exams by medical professionals have revealed to them that his body is very healthy and possesses incredible fitness. His most notable examples of his resilience were when he survived being hit by a oncoming bus, and, a fall of a penthouse balcony which would've immediately been lethal to most people in his age. He even managed to physically recover in an inhumane amount of time.
  • Superior Intelligence: Trent attended Harvard University, a prestigious university renowned for intellectual prowess. Despite his secluded emotional instabilities, Trent is highly accomplished in his professional life due to his incredible intellect, technical and entrepreneurial abilities.
    • Technical Knowledge: Trent is the owner of a computer technology company, suggesting his strong knowledge of computing. He is also seen to know how to use flying drones with camcorders. His technical expertise also extending into hacking and digital stalking. He was able to successfully stalk Rebecca's activities in the Dark Web and even hack into her encrypted activities there.
    • Tracking Knowledge: Trent has been shown on multiple occasions to successfully track Rebecca down in various locations, a trait Rebecca and Trent share. Although, unlike Rebecca, Trent exploits technological resources to track people more effectively. This was seen when he used a drone to track Rebecca and even hacking her computer and emails to track her.
    • Emotional Intelligence: Trent manages to present false chivalry and charm to manipulate Rebecca into doing many things. He has also displayed his manipulative prowess with other people in Rebecca's life and has done so successfully.
  • Financial Resources: Given his successful and prosperous professional life, Trent has an abundance of financial resources at his disposal. He has spent incredible amounts of money on his schemes without any mild or moderate financial strains to his financial resources. Trent also has strong connections with people who have a lot of power and influence. This was seen that he asked an acquaintance of his, who was also a Government Official, to unearth all of the damaging secrets of Rebecca's past.


Trent Braddock a true example of an infatuated sociopath. Originally, he appeared to be a mirror image of Rebecca's personality, but was also a more extreme, professional and ruthless version of her. Like her, he is obsessive and often presents wooden conversation to the people whom he is manipulating. These are usually done under a guise that appears false or unconvincing to people who truly know him, such as Rebecca, Nathaniel or Paula. He is obsessive seen in his undying infatuation for Rebecca, though sometimes does the right thing with very questionable motives and terms.

He has also exhibited most of the symptoms that Rebecca has shown of borderline personality disorder, but not all of them. He has somewhat more control over his emotions and has a great deal of forbearance. This makes him more capable of plotting out elaborate schemes which do turn our as he expects them to. His obsessive tendencies seemed to have helped him in his professional life, as he is professionally a highly accomplished and successful man. Unlike Rebecca, he has not exhibited self-harming tendencies, although he has no qualms of resorting to attempting murder if it suits his ambitions.


  • It was never revealed why he chose to confess his crimes, whether he was still infatuated with Rebecca nor what happened to him afterwards.
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