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Jimmy Hopkins, come out and plaay-aay!
~ Trent Northwick

Trent Northwick is a member of the Bullies faction and a supporting antagonist of the videogame Bully. He is one of the very first enemies Jimmy encounters upon arriving at the school, which is in-keeping with his character and motives, since he is a bully who tries to justify his behavior by saying it toughens other students and "it helps make men out of the new kids". However, Trent redeems himself after Jimmy defeats Russell and gains the permanent respect of him and his friends, which include Trent.


Trent is a rather atypical character for one of the Bullies, while a violent and loutish thug who sees attacking other students as a good thing he also shows enjoyment in things a lot of others in the Bullies faction would shun, for example he is an aspiring actor and enjoys photography class (though he claims he enjoys photography mainly so he can take pictures of girls).

He is openly bisexual with Jimmy but hides it from other Bullies, meaning depending on player choice he can become a "boyfriend" of sorts to Jimmy - this doesn't change his status as a Bully however and thus more often than not he is plotting against Jimmy or preparing an attack alongside the others.

In fact Trent was the first Bully to confront Jimmy upon his arrival at the school, alongside Davis and Ethan - the trio were quick to threaten Jimmy and eventually ambush him outside the Boys' Dorm, Jimmy soon turns the tables on them and starts beating them up, until Russell arrives and overpowers Jimmy : before any further violence can occur the fight is broken up by Mr. Hattrick.

Trent is next encountered guarding a bathroom and refusing Algie entrance alongside a few other Bullies, Jimmy has the option of beating them up again to allow Algie entrance but Algie will refuse to use it regardless - the pair are attacked in the second floor bathroom by a group of bullies, whom Trent had told the whereabouts of Algie (and presumably organized said attack).

Trent's final encounter as an antagonist is during the optional mission "Character Sheets" in which he and several other bullies have stolen the character sheets of Melvin, Trent forces Jimmy into playing rhosambo to get it back - despite the obvious pain Jimmy succeeds and the bullies flee, dropping the sheets in the process (depending on choice a player can also simply have Jimmy once again beat Trent and his gang up to retrieve the sheets).

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