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Trespasser, also dubbed Axehead, is minor kaiju antagonist of the Pacific Rim franchise. It first appeared in 2013 Science-Fiction film titled Pacific Rim as an opening flashback antagonist. He also briefly appeared in the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, again as flashback antagonist. In games, Trespasser servers as a playable DLC character in Pacific Rim: The Video Game, and unplayable character in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Trespasser has been created in another dimension called Anteverse by highly advanced race of sapient aliens known as Precursors in order to completely wipe out human race on Earth so aliens can take over the planet for themselves. Passing through interdimensional portal named the Beach at the bottom of Mariana Trench, Trespasser made its way towards North America. Trespasser has made a landfall in San Francisco at 10 August 2013, causing Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake and ripping Golden Gate bridge in two, sinking hundreds of civilians trapped on it. Conventional weapon has proved completely used against the beast, who proceeded to lay waste in San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward and San Joe for the next 6 days.

Not seeing any other solution, United States of America decided to resort to a use of nuclear weaponry before colossal monster can destroy more cities. Trespasser ultimately met its demise when three tactical nuclear missiles were launched at it. The consequence of Kaiju's death was permanent rendering of a city uninhabitable, as well as overall catastrophic damage to its remains. However, this did not stop the military from removing monster's skull from its corpse before putting it at the public display on museum.


Not unlike other Kaiju in the series, Trespasser doesn't show much of any sort of personality. It displays an extreme aggression and hostility towards human race, being seemingly instinctively drawn to major cities where it can cause most damage. While it seems mostly ignorant to military's assault, Trespasser often occasionally destroys jets that fly too close to it.

Physical Appearance

Colossal semi-humanoid monster with wide crest-like portrusion on top of its head, bioluminescent-orange interior of mouth, set of disproportionally long arms, smaller set of arms on the chest, turtle-like outer shell, wide fin on the back, bish-like feet, and short tail, standing upright on two small hind legs; Trespasser stands at 302 ft (92 m) tall and weighs 2780 tons. Exposed areas of monster's body are covered in smoth dirty-green skin with orange glowing veins, although its color scheme can be altered in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game to gray with white veins, reddish-gray with bright-blue veins, gray with bright-green veins, azure-blue with yellow veins or meaty-red with crimson veins. It has large visible flesh gap between ulna and radial bones, making them appear as if they are actually fused. Hands end with three digits with sharp claws, which can penetrate concrete.

Powers and Abilities

  • Anteverse Kaiju Physiology: As a Kaiju, colossal bio-engineered extra-dimensional creature, Trespasser is extremely powerful creature, armed with the arsenal of supernatural powers and attributes, such as:
    • Advanced Strength: Although rather average for a Kaiju, Trespasser possesses a colossal amount of physical strength thanks to its size; for example, it was able to rip apart Golden Gate bridge like spider's webbing simply passing through it, as well as effortlessly devastate large skyscrapers and knock jets out the air without even being aware of it.
    • Advanced Durability: Being specifically created to eradicate humanity, thick skin covering Trespasser's body grants him near-impenetrable hide; for example, according to film's novelization, it took three tactical nuclear weapons to kill it, resulting a devastation of Oakland and its bay. Otherwise, it is completely unaffected by high-caliber ammo, tanks, missiles and many others.
    • Caustic Blood: Blood running in Trespasser's veins is phosphorescent in nature and extremely deadly to the environment and human beings, rendering areas touched by it uninhabitable and releasing toxic vapor all over the city. Direct contact with a drop of Trespasser's blood also makes human body go into shock, as stated in novelization.
    • Expert swimmer: Trespasser has been designed to survive both on land and depths of Mariana Trench. Pummeling its massive body into move thanks to its massive limbs, Trespasser can travel through an entire ocean to the city within a span of few hours.
    • Sharp claws: Trespasser's palms end up with long razor-sharp sickle-like claws, allowing him to easily tear through man-made structures.
    • Self-Substenance: Despite its immense size, Trespasser does not need to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe. This makes him immune to any type of poison.
    • Fireball split: Trespasser demonstrated a power to split powerful fireballs, although only in video games. Its orange veins all over the body begin to emit an intense light for a few seconds, before unleashing a single large fireball. Even well-armored Jaegers and other Kaiju are knocked off their feet from the sheer kinetic force of this attack.



  • Trespasser's alternate name is Axehead.
  • The day of Trespasser's attack has later become a global festival called "K-DAY".
  • Trespasser's introduction in the film was supposed to a reference to kaiju called MoonThunder from The Spectre TV show.
    • Same scene is referenced year later in 2014 film Godzilla.
  • Trespasser's crest bears mild resembleance to herbivore dinosaur Corythosaurus.