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All right you fat slag, move your ass!
~ Trevor insulting Heidi.
Trevor is the secondary antagonist in Peter Jackson's 1989 dark comedy movie Meet the Feebles.

He is portrayed by Brian Sergent while he also doing a Peter Lorre impression.


Trevor is a foul-mouthed, rude, and perverted dirty rat who is a right-hand to Bletch the Walrus, loves to insult others, smoke cigarettes, and rape girls. He is also the director of a porn film about a cow named Daisy and a cockroach known as "The Masked Masochist". However, after Daisy accidentally killed the cockroach by sitting on and suffocating him, Trevor replaced the dead cockroach with an aardvark named Dennis to take over his porn movie. He also attempted to rape Lucile after he put a drug in her drink.

Later on, Trevor went drug-dealing with Bletch and Mr. Big. After Cedric and Louie double-crossed Bletch, Trevor and Barry the Dog, they killed them both and took out Mr. Big. When Bletch and Trevor returned to the theater, they discovered the newspaper about Harry the Rabbit's sex disease that F.W. Fly reported. Bletch and Trevor tracked down the fly and tore his wings off and flushed him down a toilet, killing him.

During the machine gun massacre, Trevor shot Heidi in the back and was about to kill her, but Robert intervened and attacked him, and Trevor was killed by the gun-wielding Heidi.

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