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Trevor Gooden is the main protagonist villain of Hellraiser: Hellseeker. He was the cheating husband of Kirsty Cotton.

He was portrayed by Dean Winters, who also portrayed Ryan O'Reily in Oz.


In Reality

Trevor married Kirsty, but he repeatedly cheated on her and had conspired with a friend to kill her using the Lament Configuration. Trevor's plan backfired, as after summoning Pinhead and the Cenobites, Kirsty proposed to give them five souls for her own, in which she succeeded. 

While the two were driving, Kirsty shot him in the head, which caused the car accident. Trevor was then placed in his own personal hell (similar to Joseph Thorne's personal hell).

In Hell

Trevor lost his memory about his past. Following a traffic accident that plunged he and Kirsty's car into the river, Trevor emerged with amnesia. Kirsty's body had gone missing, and Trevor attempts to piece his life back together.

After witnessing the deaths of his three mistresses and his friend, Trevor is taken to the police station and the morgue, where his past is revealed by Pinhead, who gives him his memory back. Pinhead reveals to him that Kirsty is still alive in Reality and killed his three mistresses and his friend, and that he is the fifth sacrifice, now realizing that he is in Hell.


  • Trevor Gooden is the second villain in the Hellraiser franchise to be a protagonist, following Joseph Thorne.


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