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Come on, Counselor. You don't want to embarrass Katie a second time in court, do you? She never said no, she enjoyed it, she kept coming back for more.
~ Langan mocking a rape victim with Down Syndrome

Trevor Langan is a minor recurring character on the NBC drama Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


Langan is a high priced defense attorney who has garnered contempt from several main characters including ADA Alex Cabot for his arrogant and smug attitude and his disrespect of victims of rape and domestic violence. On several occasions, he crosses a line of decency in his defenses. In the episode Persona, he states that a woman accusing her husband of abuse was lying. Despite photographic evidence of her horrific injuries, he doesn't offer an alternative explanation, simply stating that the woman wanted attention. This is a violation of the Rape Shield Laws passed in the late 2000s.

Certain episodes portray him in a more positive light, however. One example is when he represents protagonist Olivia Benson as she tries to keep custody of her adopted son, Noah, when the boy's grandmother, Sheila Porter, tries to take him away from her.


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