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We live to fight another day.
~ Trevor's last words before he dies along with local neighbour Tom Banks in a fire which he started.

Trevor Morgan is a fictional character and major antagonist of the BBC British soap opera drama EastEnders. He appeared from from 21 December 2000 until 1 November 2002, serving as a minor antagonist in 2000; the secondary antagonist in 2001; and the main antagonist in 2002.

In his storyline, Trevor subjugated his long-suffering wife Little Mo Slater through years of domestic violence as he abused her both physically and mentally. This extended to the point where he raped Little Mo, got her imprisoned for attacking him on New Year's Eve 2001, clashed with Little Mo's family, feuded with her sister Kat Slater and love rival Billy Mitchell respectively, and also traumatized his ex-lover Donna Andrews over their infant son Sean. Eventually, Trevor was killed-off at the climax of his story arc which also saw fellow character Tom Banks being axed in the process.

He was portrayed by actor Alex Ferns, who later played Pete Savage in the 2022 film The Batman.


Trevor Morgan arrives on Albert Square as the estranged husband of Little Mo Slater, when she agrees to return to him following a period of separation. It is later revealed that their marriage has a domestic breakdown due to Trevor's constant violence and abusive behavior towards his wife.

When Trevor attempts to reconcile with Little Mo in front of her family, they kick him out of the house and he soon begins clashing with Little Mo's sister Kat Slater when she takes an instant disliking towards him. Trevor gets a job working as a barman in The Queen Victoria public house and briefly wins round it's landlady Peggy Mitchell and her son Phil Mitchell. But their relative Billy Mitchell begins a feud with Trevor after learning of the way he treats Little Mo and arranges for him to get beaten up by his old friend named Mouse in a failed attempt to force Trevor to leave the Square. Conveniently enough, Billy and Little Mo are romantically bonding with each other.

Trevor eventually manages to convince Little Mo to resume their marriage. This starts off well for months as Trevor settles himself in Albert Square, up to the point where he gets into a dispute with Billy's gangster boss Steve Owen and informs the police about this - as the police were seeking out Steve and Phil in the events of their common nemesis Dan Sullivan kidnapping the trio's lover Mel Healy over Phil's recent shooting caused by his ex-girlfriend and Mel's best-friend Lisa Shaw.

At some point in Autumn 2001, however, Trevor's violence and abusive nature begins to grow evident during his time on the square. This commences when he and Little Mo get into a disagreement after she refuses to share her family's personal problems to Trevor, and in response he burns her hand with an iron. Little Mo is subsequently forced to admits to Trevor that her youngest sister Zoe was actually Kat's daughter, as a result of Kat being sexually abused by their uncle Harry Slater when she was 13.

Trevor later tries to forbid Little Mo from attending the wedding of her older sister Lynne and her bride-to-be Garry Hobbs. But after seeing his wife appearing to ignore him, Trevor rapes Little Mo. Another incident emerges when the couple have Christmas dinner, and Little Mo arrives later for it. An outraged Trevor reacts by shoving her face into her plate and forcing Little Mo her to eat the remains from the carpet. Hours later, Trevor assaults Little Mo after discovering her contraceptive pills which she had secretly been taking in order to avoid becoming pregnant by him.

Trevor's behavior soon leads to Little Mo's father Charlie having a quarrel with his son-in-law. When Charlie learns that Trevor burned Little Mo's hand with an iron, he attacks Trevor but Little Mo tells him to stop. Little Mo soon leaves Trevor before New Year's Eve 2001. Trevor visits Little Mo that night to try and win her back. She resists and he becomes violent, attempting to rape her again. In self-defense Little Mo hits Trevor over the head with an iron, knocking him unconscious. Little Mo believes she has killed him, but when she and her family return to dispose of Trevor's body, they find out he has gone.

It turns out that Trevor survived and has been hospitalized. He covers-up his domestic abuse by reporting Little Mo to the police for attacking him with an iron. This leads to Little Mo getting arrested and charged attempted murder, although she is released on bail until the trial in April 2002. Little Mo's family desperately try to defend her actions in court and manage to get the help from Trevor's mistress Donna Andrews, who is also the father of his baby son Sean. But despite this Trevor manages to intimidate Little Mo into pleading guilty for attempted murder and she is consequently sentenced to eight years in prison. Trevor later finds out that Donna conspired with Little Mo's family against him and tracks her down. He beats her up and Donna is hospitalized. Trevor then tries to take custody of his son, but Kat takes care for Sean to stop Trevor from hurting anyone else. Trevor later confronts Kat to demand his son and attacks her when she refuses. But this turns out to be a set-up when the police barge in and arrest Trevor. To avoid going to prison, Trevor makes a deal with Kat; he'll retract his statement against Little Mo and have her released if Kat doesn't press charges against him. Kat initially refuses but relents for the sake of Little Mo's freedom. Little Mo is subsequently released from prison on appeal.

Trevor resolves to win Little Mo back again and is angry to learn that she has begun dating Billy. He begins harassing Little Mo in a campaign of intimidation and terror, all the while dating Billy's cousin Sam Mitchell just to spite his nemesis. But Billy puts a stop to this when he and his neighbor Paul Trueman work together to expose Trevor's domestic abuse in the Square. This causes Trevor to lose his job and rental home, and he becomes shunned in the Square for his actions. Sam later dumps Trevor after discovering his true colors. Trevor bitterly swears revenge on Billy and Little Mo after learning that the two Mo have been engaged.

On Halloween Night 2002, Trevor confronts Little Mo while she is babysitting Sean. He once more tries to intimidate her by pouring petrol all over the house and threatening to set fire with a lighter, but is shocked when Little Mo finally stands up to Trevor by saying she is not frightened of him anymore. She also calls Trevor a coward and calls his bluff in setting fire to the house. Trevor reacts by dropping the lighter on the petrol. This sets the house on fire and Trevor tries to kill Little Mo and Sean so they can "die together". But Little Mo and Sean manage to escape Trevor and the house with the help from local firefighter Tom Banks; however, when Tom goes back for Trevor, the house explodes and Trevor is killed alongside Tom.

Little Mo begins to plan a funeral for Trevor, but is convinced by Donna that she should be mourning Tom instead. When Little Mo appears to persist anyways, her family and Billy confront her with the reminder of what Trevor have been putting her and the Square through. However, when she attempts to get rid of his ashes, she says to Kat that she does not want to scatter them, as it is an act of remembrance and does not want to remember him, which makes Kat finally proud of her sister again. Later on she tells Billy in the café that she saw a new chapter of her life and the doors to her previous one closing when the curtains closed on the coffin. This indicates that Little Mo has ultimately moved on from Trevor following his death and further confirming that Trevor died in vain as his actions were too.


  • Trevor Morgan is hailed as one of the most evil characters in British Soap and one of the most hated characters in EastEnders.
  • Alex Ferns (the actor who plays Trevor) won "Best Newcomer" and "Villain of the Year" at the 2002 British Soap Awards, and was nominated for several awards in the 2003 awards ceremony.