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This is my life's work. I mean, since I was a little kid I-I dreamt big. Y'know, I've always wanted to be an international drug dealer and...weapons trader.
~ Trevor explaining his life's work to Tao Chang and his translator.
You're looking at it rationally. There are people who are useful to you, and people who ain't, and the people who ain't got to go. Me? I'm not rational. I don't care if you're useful or not. I feel like taking you out, Devo, and that’s what I’ll do...
~ Trevor Phillips to Devin Weston.
What happens in the dark, comes out in the light.
~ Trevor digging up "Michael's" grave to see who really is in the coffin.

Trevor Philips is one of the three main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, as well as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is a criminally insane and psychotic crime lord and the titular founder of his weapons company "Trevor Philips Enterprises". Additionally, he is Michael De Santa's best friend as well as Franklin Clinton. He is also the archenemy of Steve Haines and Wei Cheng.

He was voiced by Steven Ogg, who also played Professor Venomous and Shadowy Figure in OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes, and Simon in The Walking Dead.


Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor's background is uncertain and often suspect, given that all players ever hear of it is from Trevor himself - hardly a reliable source. All indications are that he was born in Canada, though Trevor's notable insecurity about his own origins means that he can only refer to his birthplace as "the Canadian border region of America", and immediately flies into a rage if anyone even slightly implies that he is actually Canadian. He claims to have grown up in "five states, two countries (presumably America and Canada), fourteen different homes, three care homes, two correctional facilities", and from a very early age exhibited anger management problems.

Most likely, Trevor was born in 1974. By all accounts, he had a dysfunctional home life, with both parents abusive towards him in some respect; at one point, one of his parents went so far as to abandon him at a shopping mall (later burned down by Trevor in an act of petty revenge). Despite this abusive treatment, even to this day, Trevor regards his mother with a mixture of fear and adoration; he also tends to lose his temper if anyone refers to him as a "motherf-cker", implying that he possesses something akin to an Oedipus complex that Trevor himself is openly trying to deny.

After numerous offenses (including sodomizing his coach with a hockey stick), Trevor reportedly dropped out of school. Eventually, he found that he had a talent for piloting aircraft, and in an attempt to put his skills to use and satisfy his violent impulses, he enlisted in the US Air Force in the hopes of one day being able to drop "The Bomb". However, though his abilities as a pilot were undeniable, Trevor's mental instability eventually got him discharged from flight school before he could earn his wings - an act he attributes to "an evil witch in charge of psychological evaluations".

Disheartened by the loss of his dream job, Trevor spent the next few years drifting aimlessly across the border, occasionally committing petty crimes but never with any distinct goal. However, this all changed when Trevor met Michael Townley while escorting illegal cargo, and - after killing a potential attacker and burying his burning corpse in a shallow grave - the two became friends. From here, Trevor delved deep into the lifestyle of a career criminal: after his first heist of a cash-checking business went wrong thanks to the clerk knowing him (and after Trevor was finished serving four months of a 6-month sentence), he began committing regular robberies and holdups with Michael's aid, immediately establishing himself as a brutal contrast to his partner's more rational approach.

However, Michael eventually married a local stripper by the name of Amanda and started a family; though Amanda regarded Trevor with considerable suspicion and dislike, she allowed him to become something of an honorary uncle to her two children, Tracey and Jimmy. Surprisingly, Trevor took to this role quite readily and became fiercely protective of Michael's children - especially Tracey. However, Michael became increasingly reluctant to continue a life of crime, unwilling to subject his new family to the heartbreak of him being jailed or killed. Trevor noticed this, and the relationship between the two began to sour; eventually, he befriended another prospective criminal by the name of Brad Snider - who he later intended to adopt as his full-time partner in crime if and when he and Michael parted ways.

In the end, Michael's growing reluctance eventually led him to cut a deal with FIB agent Dave Norton, agreeing to hand over Trevor over the course of one last bank robbery - in exchange for a new life. However, the North Yankton job quickly went wrong: though Michael was able to successfully fake his death with Norton's help, the attempt to kill Trevor failed when Brad wandered into Norton's line of fire, fatally wounding him and giving the most notorious of the bank robbers a chance to escape. Believing that Michael really had died, a grieving Trevor drifted into obscurity, which evading police attention for a number of years - eventually settling in a trailer park at Sandy Shores, San Andreas.


Something Sensible

~ Trevor's last words before his death.

In the game's final mission, the player chooses to kill Trevor. In this ending, Franklin agrees to eliminate Trevor. He later sets up a meeting with Trevor.

Upon Trevor's arrival, he initially assumes Franklin is trying to restore the friendship between him and Michael. However, Franklin then pulls a gun on Trevor, claiming that Trevor will only get them killed. Feeling betrayed again, Trevor retreats into his truck and drives off with Franklin in hot pursuit.


GTA 5 - FINAL MISSION 1 - Ending A - Something Sensible

The chase soon leads the two to the oil fields, where Michael arrives on the scene and rams Trevor's truck into an gas tanker, causing gasoline to spill all over Trevor. He stumbles out of his truck and begins furiously ranting about how not only Michael betrayed him, but also Franklin. He then dares the two to shoot him, where Franklin unsheathes his gun and shoots Trevor, setting him on fire and causing the gas tanker to explode seconds later. Alternatively, if Franklin hesitates to shoot him, Michael will raise his own gun and shoot Trevor instead, resulting in the same outcome.

However, given that Ron mentions Trevor to be still alive in 2017 during the events of Grand Theft Auto Online, stating that Trevor became a Vinewood guru, it can be easily deduced that this ending isn't the canonical one for Grand Theft Auto V. This is further supported by the Grand Theft Auto Online update Diamond Casino where the character Tao Cheng makes a comment regarding Franklin's assassination of Wei Cheng.

The Time's Come

Well, I can't! You're turning on him? I've had enough traitors in my life! [...] You deserve each other!
~ Trevor, angered by Franklin's intent to kill Michael

In this final mission, Franklin decides to kill Michael instead of Trevor. He calls Trevor and asks for assistance, but Trevor furiously declares that he has had enough traitors in his life and hangs up. After Franklin kills Michael, Trevor severs all ties with the former, telling Franklin that he is dead to him.

The Third Way

In this final mission, Trevor, Michael and Franklin team up to kill everyone who has antagonized them throughout the game; this includes Devin Weston, Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, and Stretch. Trevor snipes Haines while the latter is filming an episode of his reality TV show, The Underbelly of Paradise, then kidnaps Weston at his mansion, killing the squad of Merryweather soldiers protecting him.

After the three antiheroes kill Weston by locking him in the trunk of his own car and pushing him off a cliff, the three agree to remain in contact with each other as friends before going their separate ways and ending their crime partnership for good.

After the events of GTA V

Ron Jakowski mentions he had become a lifestyle coach and a guru in the Smuggler's Run DLC, which was released and set in 2017, which, combined with Tao Cheng's recalling of almost being killed at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club in the Diamond Casino & Resort DLC (released and set in 2019), leads to the confirmation that leaving him alive, specifically by Franklin's choice of Option C, is the canonical ending of Grand Theft Auto V.


He's, I don't... Hell walking on Earth!
~ Michael about Trevor.

Trevor was described as a difficult person to deal with, being extreme, unhinged, impetuous, unpredictable, sociopathic and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages.

He does everything in an extremely awful and relentless manner (much different from Michael). Although Trevor is this kind of person, he is also honest about it and is not a hypocrite. He also has his own charm along with his own principals (his principals being different from Michael's).

He is also extremely caring and appreciative towards Michael's family, even shouting at Lazlo - a famous celebrity - that he would rip his skin off, after he sexually harasses Tracey. But, Dan Houser has confirmed that Trevor may not be all he and as bad as he seems, but is still too horrible and terrible to be a hero kind.

Trevor is extremely insecure about being born in Canada, to the point that most of his five rampages are caused by his utter rage towards being mocked because of his Canadian accent. Furthermore, he expresses anguish over his mother and even breaks down into tears when he comes back with a van loaded with Delumadol, only to find out that she had disappeared without a trace.

I can be myself out here. Bullying, reckless, totally selfish. Do the things that make me, me.
~ Trevor Philips

Trevor simply being present can cause fear in many characters due to being so unpredictable and having an extremely short temper. As soon as Michael realizes Trevor is alive, he puts Jimmy behind himself to protect him if Trevor would lash out. Despite this, Trevor and Ron trust each other, as shown when Trevor tells Ron to run Trevor Philips Enterprises when he's going to Los Santos.



  • Michael De Santa (Best friend)
  • Franklin Clinton
  • Lamar Davis
  • Lester Crest
  • Chef
  • Ron Jakowski
  • Chop
  • Wade Hebert
  • Patricia Madrazo
  • Martin Madrazo
  • Dave Norton
  • Brad Snider (deceased)
  • Eddie Toh
  • Daryl Johns
  • Rickie Lukens
  • Hugh Welsh
  • Patrick McReary
  • Taliana Martinez
  • Karl Abolaji
  • Christian Feltz
  • Paige Harris
  • Karim Denz
  • Gustavo Mota
  • Norm Richards
  • Cletus Ewing
  • Oscar Guzman
  • Manuel
  • Nigel
  • Mrs. Thornhill
  • Floyd Hebert (formerly)
  • Ortega (formerly)
  • Molly Shultz (formerly)
  • Johnny Klebitz (formerly)
  • Tao Cheng (formerly)
  • Cheng`s Translator (formerly)
  • Andreas Sanchez (formerly)
  • The Varrios Los Aztecas (formerly)
  • Civil Border Patrol (formerly)
  • The O'Neil Brothers (formerly)
  • Wei Cheng (formerly)
  • Devin Weston (formerly)
  • Steve Haines (formerly)


  • Steve Haines (archenemy)
  • Wei Cheng (second arch nemesis)
  • Devin Weston (Third arch nemesis)
  • Harold street Joseph
  • The O'Neil Brothers
  • Molly Schultz
  • Johnny Klebitz
  • Terry Thorpe
  • Clay Simon
  • Tao Cheng
  • Cheng's Translator
  • Floyd Hebert
  • Debra
  • Ortega
  • Joe
  • Josef
  • Josh Bernstein
  • Andreas Sanchez
  • Martin Madrazo (formely)
  • Varrios Los Aztecas
  • The Lost MC
  • The Ballas
  • Los Santos Triads
  • International Affairs Agency
  • Federal Investigation Bureau
  • Merryweather
  • Los Santos Vagos
  • Civil Border Patrol
  • Military
  • Hipsters
  • Rednecks


  • Some people feel that all three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V represent a kind of gamer who plays a Grand Theft Auto game. With this in mind, Trevor represents the player who while not doing missions enjoys roaming on the streets in free mode and creating chaos by their own choice.
  • Trevor is often considered to be the most violent and chaotic character ever created in the Grand Theft Auto series, though ironically he would not be the worst compared to some other characters.
  • Trevor is modeled and mo-capped by his voice actor Steven Ogg.
  • Trevor is is six feet, and one 1/4th of an inch tall and two-hundred and six pounds according to his ID card in subtle option for the big one.
  • Similarly to Michael, Trevor likes rock and roll, heavy metal, country, southern rock, and alternative music.
    • Trevor's favorite radio station is Channel X.
  • He is one of three Grand Theft Auto characters that are (or at least implied to be) cannibals. The others are Donald Love and Curtis Stocker, though Donald Love was far worse than Trevor.
  • Trevor's personality is based on infamous British criminal Charles Bronson (born Michael Gordon Peterson), known as "Britain's most notorious prisoner" and "the most violent prisoner in Britain".
    • Steven Ogg also took inspiration for his portrayal of Trevor from the 2008 biopic Bronson, starring Tom Hardy.
  • Simon from The Walking Dead, became more popular because Steve Ogg played him similarly to Trevor. Simon is less crazy, but does not have any of Trevor's sense of loyalty or twisted charm, and is far eviler than Trevor due to the severity of his crimes.
  • Until Franklin's return in 2022, Trevor the only playable character from the story mode of Grand Theft Auto that remakes their appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online, though has since made no future appearances after 2017 (mentioned by Agent 14).
  • Trevor is the only protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V to have a sibling, though Ryan Philips was only mentioned and never seen, having died before the events of the game.
  • On Trevor's CB radio in his unique truck, a reference to serial killer Eddie Low from Grand Theft Auto IV is made when an unrelated trucker with the same name tries getting past a gate but a guard refuses to let his pass simply due to the sharing a name with a psychopathic, cannibalistic, and perverted murderer, which Trevor also shares these traits.
  • Trevor hints on separate occasions that he is or was a serial killer. Victims including hitchhikers and the homeless. At one point while out with Franklin, Trevor will state that the San An Strangler is on the loose, but then defends himself by stating he doesn't strangle anymore. This would make Trevor the first protagonist to also be a serial killer.

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