Trey and Cruz are minor antagonists in the YouTube Red/Netflix television series Cobra Kai.

They are two former criminal accomplices of Robby Keene, Johnny Lawrence's troubled teenage son, who hanged out with him before he starts training karate with Daniel LaRusso at the Miyagi-Do Dojo.

They were portrayed by Terayle Hill and Jeff Kaplan.


Trey and Cruz worked with Robby to make money through illegal means, such as stealing a man's computer and selling it online. They then mostly used it watching adult films.

When Robby got a job at LaRusso Auto Group, Trey and Cruz encouraged Robby to use his position to help them rob the car dealership. However, Robby turned against the plan after being treated like family by Daniel LaRusso. On the night they were supposed to rob the dealership, Robby refused to go through with it and attempted to use his karate training to fight off Trey and Cruz, only for the two to overpower him through physical strength alone. However, Robby pointed out to the two that a security camera was capturing footage of their fight, forcing the two to flee.

Trey and Cruz later crossed paths with Robby again when Robby caught them trying to steal the phones of the members of a country club. Robby attempted to stop them, only to be grabbed and put in an arm hold by Trey and Cruz's unnamed third accomplice. However, Daniel LaRusso then showed up and used his karate skills to take out all three of them. It is unknown what happened to them afterward, but it is likely they were arrested and jailed for their villainous actions.


  • It's possible that Trey and Cruz will try to get back at Robby in season 3, as the season's trailer depicts Robby in prison following Miguel's hospitalization. If Trey and Cruz were send to prison for their crimes, then it's possible that they will encounter Robby in prison.


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