I'm a simple man... You promised to cooperate. And as you can see, I do not abide broken promises.
~ Trey Stone

Trey Stone is one of the two main antagonists of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (alongside Cole D. Walker). He serves as one of the secondary antagonists in the main game (with Josiah Hill), the secondary antagonist of the Deep State DLC, and the main antagonist of the Red Patriot DLC. He is the CEO of Sentinel and assits Cole D. Walker in taking over Auroa.

He was voiced by Kent McQuaid.


Early Life

Trey Stone was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and lived around Savannah, Georgia. Stone comes from an old Southern family, and holds a special place for his heritage for which he was raised on. He was wild in his youth, but became disciplined when he went to the Virginia Military Institute, which helped him focus on his ambitions.

Military Service

Stone graduated from the military school with a degree in civil engineering, but was commissioned as a psychological operations (PSYOPS) officer, and worked with Ghost Recon on several occasions. Eventually, he was recruited into the Ghosts and joined a secret unit that was nicknamed Retaliation Team, which was also known as the RET team.

Stone began running illegal black ops missions for the CIA alongside his platoon leader, Cole D. Walker and two other soldiers. The RET team was eventually disbanded after killing CIA informants, causing Stone and Walker to began a feud. He rose to the rank of Major in the Army, but after ten years of service, declined to renew his commission and opted to go private.

Finding Sentinel

After working with other private military corporations, Stone formed Sentinel Corp, a private military company and began to train elite soldiers in an abandoned Russian military camp in Kazakhstan. Through Peter Miles, Stone was able to secure a contract to run the security on Aurora, and was hired by Jace Skell to protect the land from threats. However, Stone teamed up with Walker and Miles in order to take over Auroa by hiding Walker and the Wolves in abandoned military bases.

Stone began to work directly with his appointed prison warden Ilsa Herzog, his personal head of secret police Ian Blake, captains Anton Gibsion, Monroe and Coleman, but worked directly to Walker, and answered to Miles and Lomax.

Operation: Greenstone

Stone enacted marital law and controlled Aurora with Sentinel and the Wolves, and worked with Walker in trying to stop Nomad and his team. Though most of Nomad's team were killed, he managed to kill Walker and his four lieutenants, Yellowleg, Rosebud, Flycatcher and Silverback. Despite losing Walker, Stone managed to take full control of Aurora, calling Miles that he was in charge of Aurora. 

Deep State  DLC

Trey Stone is seen in a cutscene during the Deep State DLC. He is assigning Leon Fairrow control over Sentinel's personnel and resources for Project CLAW.

Red Patriot DLC

Later, after both Operation: Greenstone and Citadel, he would ally himself with the Russian ultranationalist group Raven's Rock, along with their rogue Spetsnaz unit Bodark(both are led by Pyotr Bukharov), to manufacture drones capable of using biological weapons to initiate a massive terrorist attack on the United States. Stone would speak to Nomad for the first time after he takes out his first target designated by Colonel Scott Mitchell. As Nomad continues to eliminate the Bodarks involved in Stone's plans, Stone would continue to taunt Nomad. Stone would meet his death when Nomad either shoots him or stabs him, finally marking the end of his reign of terror.

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