No risk? The Triads?
~ Brian Hope on the triads

The Triads are the secondary antagonists in the 1990 comedy film Nuns on the Run.

They are Chinese Gangsters who are involved in the drug trade smuggling money from cocaine from a drinking club. Mr. Casey, the film's main antagonist, intends to steal their money and tells Brian and Charlie to find out whee it is they take the money and watch out for a red Mercedes. The duo pursue the Triads but are found by one of the Triads Henry Ho who threatens to chop off their arms if they follow them again.

The next time they are seen is when Abbot and Morley try to get the money off them which fails as Brian and Charlie get the money and flee but their plan backfires after the car runs out of gas. The Triads then attack and then flee which results in one Triad member named Ronnie Chang being shot in the leg.

Thanks to Morley they now have a Renault Trafic (a van) and two of the Triads Henry and Dwayne abduct Brian's love interest Faith who tells them that Brian and Charlies boss Mr Casey will most likely have the money they are looking for.

The three remaining Triads (Ernie has gone to the hospital) spy on Mr Casey and Dwayne intends they should just kill him but Henry suggests they use him as he is looking for the money too unaware that Casey actually wants the money. Dwayne and Henry then nearly have Brian and Charlie which results in Charlie driving a taxi into them and Henry injuring his arm and Dwayneinjuring his head.

During the final chase they are the last participants and they all share different fates: Ernie is knocked out with a bedpan and Ronnie, Henry and Dwayne are too injured from last encounters with Brian and Charlie to give chase.


The Triads are all of Cantonese nationality but are all different in appearence. Ronnie is slim with dark hair and wears a long blue coat and a grey suit. Ernie is the biggest of the Triads and wears canvas shoes, black torusers and a black jacket but in the hospital he wears green scrubs and is the only Triad to wear jewellery as he wears a digital watch and a ring. Henry has brown hair and wears a black jacket, and striped shirt and black torusers. Dwayne wears leather gloves a black jacket and also black torusers.


  • "Look at that guy. Hand packed." Ronnie Chang
  • "I chop your arms off. Okay?" Henry Ho
  • "Who's got our money?" Dwayne Lee
  • "Bedpan?" Ernie Wong (last words)
  • "We saw you with the man who took our money." Henry Ho on torturing Faith
  • "You see this knife." Henry Ho
  • "You should get yourself a white cane" Dwayne Lee
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