The Trial Series are a series of artificial Undead created by BOARD from combining human and Undead DNA with machinery and antagonists in Kamen Rider Blade.

The purpose of the Trial Undead were to eliminate potential threats from the fake Battle Fight Hiroshi Tennoji set up before he introduced his artificial Category Ace Undead Kerberos into it.


  • Trial B - An electric-type Undead created by Yoshito Hirose originally to protect his daughter Shiori. However it was reprogrammed by Hiroshi Tennoji to remove any possible threats from the Battle Fight.
  • Trial D - A capture-type Undead, it was sent to eliminate Kazuma Kenzaki before he could obtain King form
  • Trial E - A shooting-type Undead created from data of Kamen Rider Garren.
  • Trial F - An energy-type Undead, it was sent to capture Kenzaki.
  • Trial G - A fighting-type Undead based on data of Kamen Rider Leangle, it was used to defeat the Tiger Undead and was capable of fighting all four of the BOARD Kamen Riders.


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