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Villain Overview

~ Tricky's most famous quote.
~ Tricky screaming/roaring upon his return in Madness Combat 11, and also his last words.

Dr. Hofnarr, now currently and more infamously known as Tricky the Clown, is the secondary antagonist of the Madness Combat flash series. He is the arch-nemesis of Hank J. Wimbleton.

He was an Agency Against Hank Wimbleton member and an assassin under the Sheriff before being revived as a zombie by the Improbability Drive and leaving to pursue Hank on his own.

He serves as a minor antagonist in Madness Combat 2: Redeemer and Madness Combat 6.5, a major antagonist in Madness Combat 3: Avenger, the main antagonist of the Tricky Saga (consisting of Madness Combat 4-7) and Madness Combat 11: Expurgation, the final antagonist of Madness Combat 10: Abrogation, and the secondary antagonist of Madness Combat 9.5. In addition, Tricky has also played a significant role in several of the side animations of the series, including Tricky Madness 2, Incident: 101A and Incident: 1000A.


Madness Combat Project Nexus: 1.5

Before the events of Madness Combat and Madness Combat: Project Nexus, Tricky was a scientist known as Dr Hofnarr, who, along with Dr Jebediah Christoff (now known as Jebus), worked on Project Nexus, a project dedicated to combatting the lack of soldiers in Nevada, along with the Sleepwalker Program, a program Dr Christoff personally started as a self-improvement program for Nevadans. However, when Dr Christoff discovered that the Project Nexus's research was being used by Director Phobos as a key to immortality, and that his Sleepwalker Program was being weaponised, he decided to plan the downfall of Project Nexus, writing letters and emails to The Sheriff and Dr Hofnarr for their assistance. Then, with Dr Hofnarr's high level access, he got into the Science Tower, obtaining his signature halo, which he uses to kill Director Phobos. During this time, Dr Hofnarr went insane, possibly due to exposure to the Improbability Drive, and abandoned his old identity and took on the name of Tricky.

Madness Combat 2

Tricky's initial appearance.

Tricky made his first appearance as one of the many henchmen working for the Sheriff trying to kill off Hank, the main protagonist. He attempted to kill Hank with a M16, but he was killed when his own weapon was turned against him.

Madness Combat 3

Tricky became a prominent character and he attacked Hank on a jet pack. However, he was killed when he was impaled on a warning sign. An unknown source revived Tricky as a zombie, this time wielding the warning sign (which would become his iconic weapon). However, Hank killed him off again.

Madness Combat 4

Tricky as a DJ.

After donning a metal mask to hide his zombie features, Tricky became a DJ at Club M under the alias "DJTrickyM". However, Hank found his way into the dance hall, where he found many grunts dancing and Tricky acting as a DJ. He shot the clown in the face, knocking him behind the turntable, but the clown quickly recovered and made a gesture meant to say "You're going down!"

Tricky held at sword point by Hank.

The grunts immediately attacked Hank, but he slaughtered them and held Tricky at sword point. Though he at first held up his hands in surrender, suddenly Jesus entered the room with a zombie 1337 agent. Jesus then brought back all the slain enemies as zombies, but Hank fought his way through them and had a quick confrontation with Jesus, ending in both their deaths. Tricky found himself the last person standing in Club M, but shrugged his shoulders, began playing a remix of the Chicken Dance, and danced alone.

Madness Combat 5

Tricky was later contracted by the Auditor to kill Hank and Jesus.

When Jesus and Hank were fighting in the bottom of the valley, Tricky's warning sign popped out of the ground and began moving around, creating fissures. First a bunch of 1337 agents that Hank had killed earlier climbed out, but they were killed quickly. Tricky attempted to climb out himself, but he was shot in the face, dropping him back in. Jesus and Hank resumed their battle, but suddenly reality became compromised and Tricky burst out of the fissure, attacking the two wildly with an unrealistic amount of increased speed and strength.

Hank was knocked out of the valley where he received a sword and soon found himself confronted by Tricky, who was holding the top half of Jesus's head. The two battled and the zombie clown got the top half of his head chopped off. Hank stopped to rest for a moment, but Tricky suddenly sprang back to life and ripped off his head and slammed it into the ground. Having killed both Hank and Jesus, Tricky turns over to the screen and smiles while doing the peace sign with his hands, declaring his victory against Hank and Jesus.

Madness Combat 5.5

Tricky about to throw away Jesus' head away after realizing it was defective.

Tricky appeared trying to replace the missing part of his head with that of Jesus's, possibly in an attempt to gain his powers, though he wasn't aware that he actually needed Jesus's halo for this to be possible. He loudly declared "THIS DOES NOT WORK!" and threw it away, then caught up with Sanford and Deimos and fought them until they fell outside. Tricky proceeded to start driving a train towards them and nearly killed the duo again.

Madness Combat 6

Tricky with a conductor hat.

Hank woke up revived and found a gun, a knife, and a note from Tricky, taunting him to find him. Upon arriving at the Improbability Drive, he found the button taped down and another teasing note from Tricky. Out of nowhere a train burst through the building with Tricky driving it. Hank began fighting his way through the train and eventually found his way to the cabin, where he confronted the zombie clown. At that moment, the runaway train leaped over a gorge and crash landed on the other side. Tricky emerged from the wreckage and he and Hank engaged in battle again, with the clown emerging victorious after he stabbed his foe through the neck. However, Tricky immediately resurrected Hank, leaving him punching blindly into thin air, while the Higher Powers dropped a building between the two fighters, briefly separating them.

Tricky being brought down by Hank.

After Hank fought his way through the building, he found Tricky ordering a hot dog from a vendor. Using this distraction to his advantage, he stabbed Tricky in the face, shot him a few times and threw him over the cliff. However, the Improbability Drive immediately took further effect, and the clown remerged, now as a powerful flaming demon.

Madness Combat 6.5

Tricky telling the Auditor that he quits, spamming him with "You can't stop me!".

Tricky made a brief appearance when he sent the Auditor a message saying that he would do as he pleased, then spams him with he couldn't be stopped, much to the Auditor's anger.

Madness Combat 7

Demon Tricky looming over Hank.

Tricky and Hank seemed to have had a very short battle since Hank was left partially crushed on the bottom of the gorge. The demon clown leapt down and smashed, burnt, and chewed on him and demanded that Hank get up and fight, since his performance was insufficient and he had not suffered enough. He refused but found himself revived anyway by some unknown source (possibly the Improbability Drive or the Auditor). Angry to be alive again, Hank battled Tricky only to be constantly overpowered by him. After the chase found its way into an elevator shaft, Hank managed to get his hands on a shotgun weapon that he used to fire a round into Tricky's head. It was revealed that there was a Portable Improbability Drive in the demon clown's head and that the shot damaged it. However, this did not stop him and Hank was forced to run from Tricky, while the drive made the clown's brain stronger.

Demon Tricky fighting Hank.

Later, after Hank killed some 1337 agents with a chainsaw, their bodies suddenly liquified and were absorbed into a vent. Tricky emerged from this vent, now roughly Hank's size and the two recommenced their battle. However, the demon clown still held the advantage and tossed his nemesis through the wall where a 1337 agent and two A.T.P. Agents were working on the Portable Improbability Drive. Suddenly Jesus appeared and killed the two agents, then impaled Hank with his sword, uttering "Good Night Hank" to his rival as Hank began to die. Tricky appeared and screamed at Jesus for stealing his kill.

Jesus slaying Tricky.

After mercy killing Hank with his revolver, Jesus then destroyed the Portable Improbability Drive, reverting the clown to his normal zombified form and taking away his powers, leaving him completely defenceless. Jesus finally killed Tricky by stabbing him through the face with his sword, seemingly ending the Nevadean Champion for good.

Madness Combat 9

When Sanford and Deimos infiltrated the facility to carry out their plan to revive Hank, they came across the bodies of Hank and Tricky, still lying on the ground after having been killed by Jesus. Quickly, the duo recovered Hank's body and left the area, continuing their way through the facility towards the Agent Magnification Chamber.

Madness Combat 9.5

Tricky returns to fight Hank in The Other Place during the events of Madness Combat 9.5

As Hank journeyed through The Other Place, he paused when he heard a familiar voice say 'They're coming for you, Hank... YOU GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, HAAANK????'. At the same time, two tufts of hair that resembled that of Tricky began to emerge from the ground next to a Grunt Hank had just killed, prompting him to immediately unload a full clip of his MP5 into the dead Grunt's face, but this was just a decoy, and Tricky himself, his appearance resembling a cross between his human and zombie form, emerged from the ceiling to fight Hank in person. The two then faced each other in battle once more, with Tricky wielding a baton against Hank's Falchion. Both seem evenly matched, but Hank manages to put Tricky down with two shots from a Desert Eagle. Keeping his sights trained on the clown, Hank backs away before continuing through a door. After fighting his way through the next room, Hank witnessed Tricky seemingly reappear below him, saying the phrase 'SO FAMILIAR...' as a group of Agents and Engineers joined him. Shooting his way through them, Hank found Tricky glitching, and tried shooting him in the head again, this time with an M-416. Tricky turned to face Hank, the damage not being enough to kill him, but then was suddenly hit by a red bolt of lightning and disappeared.

Madness Combat 10

Tricky being absorbed by the Auditor.

As the Auditor was being overwhelmed by Hank in their final battle, he began absorbing more and more dead bodies to get bigger and stronger. However, he accidentally absorbed Tricky's body, a fatal mistake. The minute that the clown's body made contact with the Auditor, white flames started to come out of his back. Tricky's consciousness resurfaced as the Auditor grew unstable, saying "HELLO AGAIN!" Realizing what had happened, the Auditor said "NO! NO! NO!" but Tricky just said "YES! YES! YES!" A large energy bolt burst out of the ground, lifting the Auditor into the air and causing him to explode into black smoke.

Madness Combat 11

Tricky's new skeletal demon form.

The explosion results in Tricky's resurrection, the theft of the halo and the Auditor's powers, and the unholy fusion between the two reality-warpers begins creating black pools that release skeletal creatures bearing a resemblance to grunts, which go after Hank and Sanford. After the two kill all of the grunts, the abomination reveals its true form as a skeletal version of Tricky's demon form and screams "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!" Hank attacks the demonic clown by repeatedly punching it with his crustacean-like right arm, but Tricky retaliates by punching Hank back and tearing off his right arm before sending him and Sanford to a purgatory-like dimension called The Auditor's Hell.

Inside the dimension, Hank and Sanford are confronted by one of the shadowy skeletal grunts from before, though this one wears the halo, confirming it to be Tricky himself. Tricky summons several A.A.H.W. units to attack Sanford and Hank, but the pair manages to fend all of them off as Tricky summons a stop sign and retreats through a black pool.

Tricky's skeleton form, empowered by the halo.

Tricky later appears to attempt to kill Sanford as he is killing more A.A.H.W. units, but Sanford injures it by shooting at him and stabbing him through the head with a L337 sword, forcing it to retreat to recover. As Sanford makes his way through the buildings Tricky summoned he is confronted by more skeletal grunts that look like Tricky, only without the Halo.

After fighting his way through them, Sanford comes across the Tricky grunt with the Halo and attacks it, only for Tricky to respond by summoning more lookalike grunts to attack him. After Sanford kills all of them, Tricky sneaks up on him from behind and knocks him over to another floating platform that connects sideways via chains to another series of platforms leading towards a pillar of light.

Obtaining his iconic M60 machine gun, Tricky then attempts to shoot Sanford but Hank comes up on him from behind and attacks him, snatching his rifle away from him before shooting him with it. Tricky's body is blown to pieces by the shots from the rifle and he loses his halo, but his spirit quickly inhabits another of the skeletons, regaining the halo and is fully restored. After Tricky punches Hank towards Sanford, stronger Tricky grunts wearing armor then begin spawning from the ground to attack Hank and Sanford, but the duo fights them all off.

The two eventually reached the light pillar, where Tricky attempted to stop them from progressing any further. Though Tricky summoned yet more skeletons, including a magnified skeleton, the duo kept going, and fought through them all. Tricky was then punched by Hank into the light pillar. This triggered an explosion from inside Tricky which killed him. Black pools began to seep from his dead skeletal frame, from which the corpses of Hank and Sanford emerged. The Auditor then bursted out of Tricky and took back the halo, revealing himself to have played both Hank and Tricky into killing each other.

Madness: Project Nexus

In arena mode, Tricky is a mercenary that can be hired at level twenty. He is missing his mask and is the only character in the game that twitches. Although his trademark mask, the "Iron Slab" can be purchased in the gear shop, it cannot be equipped to Tricky.

Tricky appears in Episode 1.5 in story mode as Dr. Hoffnar, a Nexus scientist who assists Dr. Christoff in his goals of taking down Project Nexus. It is never shown on screen how he becomes the zombified clown, Tricky.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

Tricky fighting against the Nexus Agents.

In their search for Dr. Hofnarr, Dr. Christoff and Hank find what become of Christoff's old colleague. Initially, Tricky has no intentions of aiding the duo and instead insists on killing them for his own amusement. Eventually, he tires and decides to kill them with an unescapable laser trap before being interrupted by Nexus Core agents who call for reinforcements when they realize Christoff is present. Enraged that somebody would dare steal his kills, he engages the Nexus Agents and reluctantly agrees to show the duo a secret passage to the Science Tower.

Interestingly, his mask features none of the damage from Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis and onwards, along with the rest of his body.

Powers and Abilities

Though Tricky can use many forms of firearms similar to the way that Hank does, he seems to prefer melee weapons, namely his warning sign. He has great hand-to-hand combat skills and can jump at great speeds and utilize speedy dashes by warping his body. Tricky is also able to revive himself and others through the Improbability Drive and each time he is killed, he grows stronger. In his demon form, he can breath fire, change his size, disintegrate people, and can attack with his sharp claws and teeth and gains great physical strength.


Main series

~ Either Hank or Tricky (it's unknown) after encountering eachother in Madness Combat 5: Depredation.
~ Tricky distorting reality after being shot by Hank.
~ Tricky after showing Jesus' decapitated head to Hank.
~ Tricky enraged after not gaining Jesus' powers.
SUP? n_n. I do what I want! You can't stop me!
~ Tricky mocking the Auditor while chatting with him. Note that the last message keeps getting spammed.
~ Tricky's villainous breakdown before transforming into his demon form.
~ Demon Tricky looking at Hank's corpse, unsatisfied with his performance during their fight.
~ Demon Tricky before slamming Hank across the wall.
~ Demon Tricky playing with Hank.
Demon Tricky: GET UP.
Hank: NO! (Tricky forcefully resurrects Hank) KNOCK IT OFF.
~ Demon Tricky and Hank arguing.
~ Demon Tricky's last words before being brought back to normal and then killed by Jesus.
They're coming for you, Hank... YOU GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, HAAANK????
~ Tricky confronting Hank in Hell.
~ Tricky while in Hell.
The Auditor: WHAT?!
Tricky: HELLO AGAIN!!!
The Auditor: NO!
Tricky: YES!!!
The Auditor: NO! NO! NO!
Tricky: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
~ Tricky comes back from the dead, much to the Auditor's panic.
~ Tricky after coming back once again.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

~ Tricky after arguing with Hank and Christoff.


~ Tricky cackles with maniacal laughter and shouts menacingly in the background of Jesus's monologue in the intro to Tricky Madness 2.

Audio Samples

  • Tricky's laugh in Madness Combat 11.


  • There seems to be something special about Tricky since he benefits from the Improbability Drive's effects while Hank and Jesus only meet resistance from it.
  • Without the Improbability Drive, he seems to be rather weak as evidenced by his quick defeat in Madness Combat 7.
    • This is supported by the fact that he was always quickly defeated in Episodes 2 and 3.
  • There a number of theories as to what caused Tricky to destroy the Auditor. After being absorbed, he may have lowered the Auditor's defenses to make him vulnerable to the energies of the Normality Restoration. Tricky's energy may have also have changed after he fell out of the Auditor's employ or it was his rebellious and strong mind that let him overpower the Auditor.
  • Tricky's demon form in The Tricky Mod is one of the largest opponents in all of Friday Night Funkin' mods.
  • After his appearance as a Friday Night Funkin' mod, Tricky (and by extension Madness Combat as a whole) skyrocketed in popularity, bringing various memes alongside it.
  • While Tricky appears in a mod for Friday Night Funkin', Hank is set to appear in the official game in the future, both as an opponent and a playable character (although the latter will be exclusive to the Freeplay mode).
  • According to Krinkels, Tricky is the most intelligent character in the entirety of the Madness Combat series.


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