I've got her.
~ Trifa webbing up Blake.
Let's go, traitor.
~ Trifa kidnapping Blake.

Trifa is a minor antagonist from the ongoing American cartoon web series RWBY. She is a spider Faunus and member of the White Fang under Adam Taurus.

She is voiced by Emily Fajardo.


Volume 5

In the episode "Alone Together", Blake confronts her former friend Ilia Amitola, but Ilia sets a trap for her and has fellow White Fang members Yuma and Trifa attack, Blake. After Yuma hurts her, Trifa shoots webs at her and binds her arms. Ilia then threatens Blake and reveals Adam and the Albains' plan to kidnap her and send her to Adam in Mistral, while also attacking and killing her mother and father. Ilia and Yuma leave, and Trifa and another White Fang member begin taking Blake to the docks to ship her away. However, Blake has a backup in her friend Sun Wukong, who attacks the other member and frees Blake from the web. Sun and Trifa fight, with her pulling out a knife. However, Sun disarms her, and Blake punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious.


Trifa seems sadistic, smiling after capturing Blake and while Ilia holds her weapon to Blake's throat. However, she also appears to be delusional like most members of the White Fang, and believes in the superiority of Faunus over humans and will fight to earn that. She sees Blake and other Faunus who do not support them as traitors and has no qualms about hurting them. She is also loyal to her cause and follows orders from her superiors without question.




  • Trifa likely alludes to real-life Romanian Orthodox cleric Valerian Trifa, who was secretly a Nazi supporter.


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