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Jack Carver: What the hell is that thing?
Harland Doyle: It's must be a Trigen. Trigens are what Dr. Krieger's researches, they're bio-engineered primates.
~ Jack Carver and Harland Doyle on the Trigens

The Trigens are hostile species antagonistics from the original Far Cry, they are mutants created by a serum, which Dr. Krieger using them as super-soldiers. Trigens are dangerous antagonists, that the main protagonist Jack Carver, had ever found in the entire the story.



It's all part of Krieger's plan, Jack. He cooked a serum, which enhances every organ and muscle in a recipients body. So far, he is just been using it on primates, at least far as I know... The only drawback of the serum, is that decreases the recipients mental facilities, and makes them ultra-violent. Krieger controls them using contitioning implants.
~ Harland Doyle

According to Harland Doyle, The Trigens are created under Dr. Krieger's serum, alonside with his group of scientists, the first test are with Trigens are primates, with this serum, that later on started to change. Krieger's scientists begins studying others Trigens, The Serum that Krieger created, beginning genetically modiefied, with an alterated the strength, speed, jump, and etc.

After the tests with primates, the humans are now, with this test on Humans they begins more stronger than the primates Trigens, with an ability to jump, firearms and also invisibility. The Trigens has becoming more terrifying change, with a deformed appearance. With a Ultra-violence, making all the mutants killing the Krieger's scientists, mercenaries, which maded the creatures locked in a Trigen cell to not made escape from any reason.

The Trigens are making scaring all the scientists and the mercenaries, which is very difficult to contain the mutants, but then, Krieger begins have a failed experiments with Trigens, made the mercenaries throwing all dead Trigens to sea, and sharks eating all of them. The Mercenaries have a test with a Nervous Gas, which killing the Trigens in a easy way, becoming a Anti-Trigen weapon.

Far Cry

In 2025, After Jack Carver's client, Valerie Constantine has been captured, Doyle informs reveals Jack that she is taking to a old World War 2 Bunker in other island, and then Carver destroys the communication center in Kabatu island, Doyle takes Jack to the island where the bunker is, which actually is Krieger's Reseach Facility, after he arrive, Jack spots the first Trigen killing a mercenary in a cave. Doyle reveals that is sea water-pumping station. Jack enters in the elevator, Doyle warns that after destruction of the communication center, the Trigens begins escaping.

Jack enters in the facility, and founds a dead trigen on the ground, Doyle informs that is Krieger's research, a bio-engineered primate, Jack goes outside of the Research Facility, and reveals that is all Krieger's plan, Krieger test the serum on primates, with a physical change, made them violent.

Carver founds Jerry Spensic's corpse killed by a Primate Trigen, Jack enters on the bunker and reveals that is all of mercenaries and mutants, Jack rescue Val. After the rescue, Doyle informs Jack and Val to need free all the Untrained Trigens causing a chaos. after doing that, The Trigens begins escaping from them cells, killing any mecenaries and scientist one by one, freeing all the human-mutants.

A massive war between the mercenaries and Trigens has become, Jack founds Val on Krieger's archive, which is full of Trigens. after destroying three radio towers, a freighter communication-jamming and killing the mercenary leader Richard Crowe, Val takes Jack to Krieger's main compound, where Krieger started all of this, after destroy the compound, Krieger captured Jack and Val, and shows his creation killing all the humans, and kicks Jack from the helicopter, Jack reveals that is infected by a Trigen-Mutagen which change his skin turning green, and also Krieger and Val are actually infected too.

Jack faces Krieger, now mutated, and Valerie sick by the mutagen, after killing Krieger, Doyle betrays Val and Jack, Doyle wants to sells the antidote to the black market. Jack kills Doyle and takes the antidote, and now Jack and Val cured.

With Krieger's death, The Trigens are all extincts. and they never producing anything Trigen, again.


Non-Human Trigens

Primate-Trigens: they are small, naked, have a muscles, blood on the claws and mouths. they has hairs on his torso, appeared to have a deformed face, with a sharp teeth, with claws which penetrates on the flesh. the gorillas are hairless with a jaw fused on the chest, only four claw-fingers.

Human Trigens

The Human Trigens: they are shirtless, wearing pants and boots, with a fleshy caucasian, they have a strange device over his chests, another of them, wears body-armours.


The Trigens are most brutal, sadistic, and violent mutants that created, Trigens are very merciless without any hesitation. If a Trigen spots a human they will kill in a sadistic way, Trigens are very misanthropic against all humanity, these beasts sometimes are dimwits, the primate trigens has a lack of intelligence, as his minds are monkeys and gorillas.

Human-Trigens are very angry, a mutant called "Fat Boy", can yells when he spots a human, and he is one most dimwitic trigen that are found in the game.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: After the first test with primates, they gained super strength, which made them more stronger and brutal. With this strength the beasts can uses his claw to kill a enemy with one hit.
  • Enhanced Speed: Not all the Trigens are faster, but the Trigens can run and charge very quickly, The Fast Trigen is one of human trigens that can run without losing his breath.
  • Enhanced Leap: They can jump in front of a human with a jump, as Gorilla/Monkey Trigen, they can jump using backflips against the enemy, and the Fast Trigen, if he is shooted by any gun, they change the position by jumping in other points
  • Invisibillity: Stealth Trigens are only mutant that can be invisible, They uses his invisibillity to ambush an enemy, the stealth trigens uses an Silenced MP5.
  • Firearms: Human Trigens are highly trained with all firearms.


  • High-Caliber firearms/rounds: The Trigens's resistance can't hold an high-caliber rounds, incluind shotgun shells. the minigun and Jackhammer are only weapons on the game that can kill a Trigen.
  • Nerve Agent: The Nerve gas/agent are famous anti-trigen weapon used by Krieger's soldiers. It's revealed in the mission Catacombs, the Trigens are easily killed by the gas.
  • Water/Swimming: The only thing that is confirmed on the game, Trigens are only enemy that cannot swim on water, if a Trigen comes closer in deep on water, like the nerve, they will easily killed when they coming very closer on the water.


  • Omega and Slug Trigens is the one of trigens that are cut from the game, but his files they are found on CryEngine Sandbox, with lack of textures and animations.
    • Rear, Cover and Scout Trigens are only cut Trigens that don't have files on Sandbox.
  • Originally, the Trigens are supposed to be aliens.
  • There is a theory that the Trigens are islanders/civilians who lived in other archipelagos. There is a file called "ISLANDER_TRIGEN", this is confirmed in FCLAB discord, a community are created by Far Cry modders including BRP Team. There is another theory is a possibility that the islanders are killed by Krieger Corp.'s mercenaries, and one of them are captured by them and transformed them as Trigens. in a photo of discord Jack looks in a photo and says "Looks like this bastards kill the islanders.", as Carver referring that they are killed by the mercenaries.


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