I Wish I could have seen the Dragons' winning streak again!
~ Trigger Banki's words before his death.

The Trigger Banki is a trigger-themed Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast under Kegalesia, ranked as Gaiark's top sniper. He is the main antagonist in episode 13 of 2008 TV series called Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He is voiced by Yasuaki Takumi who previously voiced Chouda from Gekiranger.


He made his first appearance in the human realm where he'd open fired on a runaway girl named Bukorin. After the intro the Trigger Banki was about to walk away with the girl in tow, but the team showed up so he open fired on him. Once the team has transformed he sent the Ugatz to attack them. As he was about to leave with the girl in tow Renn opened fire on him causing the Trigger Banki to let go of Bukorin and he was then surrounded with the team's gun aimed at him, so he used his own ability as he flew the area.

A while later he then returned to the palace as Kegalesia asked him if he brought Bukorin to which he didn't thanks to the Go-Ongers interference and this also surprised the Gang Father who's visiting the palace so when the Trigger Banki open fired on him the Gang Father quickly sliced all of the fired bullets. So he begged for mercy and not killed him.

The Trigger Banki then appeared at the Tokyo Tower with the Gang Father as they search for his daughter through the telescope. After that he then appeared at the docks where he opened fired on Renn and Bukorin that managed to dodge the attack as this goes on he brought along Bukorin's dad which surprisingly for Renn that's the father Bukorin referred to. So once the team showed up he battled them while Bukorin's dad duels Renn in 3-on-3 match.

As the Trigger Banki was about to finished the team off Renn saved his teammates in the nick of time. After that the Trigger Banki is then defeated by the team combined attack. However he managed to revive and enlarge himself via "Industrial Revolution" prompting the team to bring out Engine-O G6 to battle him. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called G6 Grand Prix.

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