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Triggerhappy is a character from the Transformers franchise who is a minor antagonist in the original G1 continuity.

He was voiced by Charlie Adler, who also voiced Gazeem in Disney's Aladdin, Snively in Sonic the Hedgehog SatAm, Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Renegades and Resolute, Doctor Doom in Marvel Super Hero Squad and Starscream in the live action films.

G1 cartoon

Triggerhappy is one of the new Decepticons featured in the three-part story "The Rebirth". Part of Galvatron's plan to regain control of Cybertron, Triggerhappy accompanies a squad led by Cyclonus and Scourge in attempting to steal the Key to the Plasma Changer. They are transported to Nebulos along with a group of Autobots who become Headmasters, and ally themselves with the Nebulan Hive who transform some of their number into Headmasters, with Triggerhappy among those who instead become Targetmasters, their weapons converted into living Nebulan partners, with Triggerhappy bonded with Blowpipe. They travel to Cybertron but are defeated by the Autobots, with most of their number sent hurtling into space.

Marvel Comics

The Headmasters mini-series in which Triggerhappy is introduced has a broadly similar plot to "The Rebirth", with Trigerhappy here serving under Scorponok and pursuing the Autobot faction led by Fortress Maximus to Nebulos. He is converted to a Targetmaster after they duplicate the Autobots' technology.

After travelling to Earth, Triggerhappy, along with Mindwipe and Snapdragon, is one of the few members of Scorponok's team not to be shunted into limbo during "Time Wars" to make way for Soundwave and the Terrorcons arriving from the future. He thus joins the alliance against Galvatron but, when Ultra Magnus accidentally shoots Scorponok in a friendly fire incident, Triggerhappy and the others tear into him, leading him inactive.

Triggerhappy led the reinforcements when Scorponok's senior officers came into conflict with Ratbat's faction and was one of the few survivors of the rampage of the Underbase-powered Starscream. He had another encounter with Starscream when Megatron had him rebuilt as a Pretender and sent him to attack the Earth Decepticons. As a result, Triggerhappy and most of the others were unhappy when Scorponok allowed Starscream to join them.

When Starscream promptly deserted, it was too much for Triggerhappy and Mindwipe who deserted as well...only to promptly run into Starscream, who strong-armed them into joining him in a rebel Decepticon group led by Shockwave. They attacked Scorponok's base but shortly after all the Transformers on Earth were summoned back to Cybertron. Triggerhappy was last seen among the army assembled to fight Unicron so may have perished during the battle.


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