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Trinket Lipslums is an antagonist in Grimm. He is was a Fuchsteufelwild (a goblin-like creature, based upon the story of Rumplestiltskin) who worked as an IT guy, who was called by a game manufactures team to fix the computer. Upon doing so, he also fixed there game code, creating a revolutionary new game platform. However the team began to forget about him. So he began to kill them, promising only to stop if they could find his name.

He was portrayed by Chris Murray.


At the party to celebrate the release of the game, he hacked the security camera's, broke in and murdered one of the team members, the team leader Jenna's boyfriend. He killed him by slicing him in half, through the torso, with his claws. He then, following his kinds traditions left clues at the murder sight, so that the game could beguine. The police investigated this, and tracking through his clues, managed to figure out that he was also a player on an online game, where he killed his victims avatars before he killed them in real life.

He then attacked another member of the team, once again leaving another clue, this one once solved, gave the date that he met Jenna. Jenna confessed what had happened to Nick and Hank, As it seems that when she and others were still creating the code, her computer crashed, which lead her to call the I.T Company and Trinket (who name wasn't revealed until later) came and not only fixed her computer but also helped program the code. Afterwards he asked her on a date to a resturant and she agreed, only to forget as the game became popular. While she did explain the story but couldn't remember his name, so the game wouldn't stop. Figuring they were dealing with a Wesen. Nick and Hank examined the Diaries, and found the Fuchsteufelwild was a sadistic creature, that was obsessed with playing games, as well as possessing claws that secreted acid and incredible agility. Following the list of names that its kind used as anagrams. They managed to discover his real name. Giving it to Jenna, she told it to him next time he called, distracting him long enough for her to kill his online avatar.

Angered he showed his true self, and broke into Jenna's home planning to murder her. However anticipating this the police were waiting, using his enhanced agility, speed and acid claws he managed to evade them and escape to the roof, where he was faced off by Nick and Hank, realizing he was facing a Grimm, but unable to except losing in any form, he dived off the building killing himself.


  • Trinket's name is an anagram of Rumplestiltskin, which his kind is based upon.
  • Having killed Brody and Vicky due to them failing to know his name and Jenna manage to get it right is a reference to the Rumplestiltskin story where the miller's daughter only had three chances to figure out his name and after getting the first two wrong, she manages to get the third one, which resulted in Rumplestiltskin being angry, just as Trinket acted.