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What? No! Don't!
~ Tirinoid 0: Saunaginnan before having Killer Abarenoh rip through his middle and his final words before his demise.

Trinoid 0: Saunaginnan is a sauna/eel/gineko-themed hybrid and is one of two antagonist (the other is Ginjifuan Kazak) in the 2005 crossover film Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger.

He was voiced by Kaoru Shinoda, who previously voiced a Jade Mask, an Energy Beast Okelampa, a Reckless Brain, a Palm Tree Bōma, Arigin, Kaniarigin, Totpat, Kanedama, the older brother of the Hitotsume Kozou Brothers, Faucetchuck, Bara Faucet, GG Boon, and Amehoshi.


Saunaginnan made his first appearance in the crossover as he was released from its orb form in the warehouse which is where Kazak and Agent Abrella is taking shelter at. He demonstrates his ability of necromancy as he revived Speckionian Genio and Reversian Succubus Hells. However there's a downside to this ability of his if you take a look at his head he's missing a pair of gineko nuts which means he won't be using his necromancy ability anytime soon.

A while later Saunaginnan arrived outside the company's noodle house when Kazak got the nuts back from the president named Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani as he happily left the scene.

He then appeared in the cave when the Anaroids puts the hot coal into the water in order to power him up and with all the energy that the alienizers collected he used the steam to spread across the planet covering it in a huge foggy cloud. A while later leaves the cave along with these 3 revived alienizers named Kajimerian Ben G, Reversian Bon-Goblin Hells and Barigean Milibar. After that he and the revived alienizers battle the team. However what he didn't count for is that he accidentally revived a fallen comrade of the Abarangers and his Robo. So he was about to use his ability to revive god again, but the chief opens fire on him to prevent it.

Once the revived monsters were destroyed he and Kazak were then judged by Dekared and they were both deemed as guilty as he was then defeated by this finisher called a Strikeout. However he was revived into a giant as the police bring out both the Dekaranger Robo and Deka Bike Robo to battle him and the Mecha that is piloted by Kelzak (and yes he dodge the finisher). After that the two teams then combined Robos to become Super Dekaranger Robo and Killer Abaren-Oh and continues the battle. After that he was then obliterated by the teams finisher called Headlong Gatling Punch and Gatling Drill Spin.

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