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Over one-hundred and eight sister schools all over Japan. And a total of four-hundred and fifty-thousand students in attendance. It is finally the era where all psychics shall rise up!
~ Trinoid 3: Tensaichic

Trinoid 3: Tensaichic is a minor antagonist in Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger, appearing as the main antagonist in Episode 11. A sugar beet/rhino-themed monster under the employ of Invasion Garden Evolian, he uses his psychic powers to brainwash others.

He was voiced by Bomber Morio.


Tensaichic made his first appearance in the security room, disguised as a human as he was watching the screen to see how his psychic people act until he spots Emiri and Ryouga following Wakana. After noticing them, he used his psychic powers to make Wakana attack them with her magic before leaving

Later, he made an announcement to all of the attendees here at the psychic school, as Jeanne told him to use his psionic powers to spread fear. After this, he appears in the classroom with some other psychic students and the disguised Abarangers. He demonstrates his telekinesis power by lifting a blue "psychic carrot", as he slices them up and hands them to their students. After doing this, he revealed his true form after he used psychic powers to put his student under his trance. Thankfully, the Abarangers broke the trance on the students as they desperately tried to flee from the monster. However, they were eventually tracked by some Barmia Soldiers, as they told Emiri to take Wakana and get her out of here. However, Wakana declines her rescue because without her psychic powers that she received from Tensaichic wouldn't give her a perfect score on a test.

Tensaichic then used his psychic powers to get every student under his control, while he teleports himself and the Abarangers to a nearby beach without any interference. There, the heroes manage to use their Aba laser to knock a piece of Trinoid's beets off, before teleporting them to the woods, where he used his brainwashed students to use their psychic powers to cause harm to the Abarangers.

After this, Tensaichic used his psychic powers as he sent the team alongside his minions to an abandoned building, to which his minions fired lasers at them. Thankfully, Emiri, who wasn't under the psychic influence from the carrot that she'd ate, used the Aba Laser and destroyed the source of this monster's power, freeing the students from his psychic influence. After that, the real battle begins between the two forces, with the Abarangers ending the fight by forming the Dino bomber and using its Dino Dynamite technique to defeat Tensaichic.

However, thanks to the life berry, Tensaichic was then revived as a giant, prompting the team to bring out Abaren-Oh to battle this him. Despite Tensaichic's attacks, he was eventually killed by the mech's Bakuryuu Blitz Drill Spin technique.

Tensaichic was later revived again as TensaYellow, only to be destroyed again by Abare Killer in Abare Mode.

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