Triple Threat Triad

The Triple Threat Triad is a gang that operates in Republic City. They are minor villains in the animated series, Legend of Korra. Their team consists of at least three male benders: a waterbender, a firebender, and an earthbender. The gangsters use their bending abilities to run a protection racket on the citizens of Republic City.


When the trio made a routine visit to a phonograph shop to collect money from the owner, Mr. Chung, the vendor informed them that business had been slow that week, and he could not pay what he owed. One of the gangsters threatened that he couldn't protect the shop if he didn't receive his money. Frightened, the owner offered a free phonograph to compensate for the money, but the gang did not accept. They destroyed the phonograph, and only threatened him again.

When Korra intervened, the gangsters initially did not know of her identity as the Avatar and simply mocked her, declaring that they were about to put her "in the hospital". In response, the Avatar returned the threat, and a fight ensued. After being easily defeated one by one, the Triad members attempted to escape in their car, only to have the vehicle flipped by Korra's earthbending. They were then apprehended by the metalbender cops as soon as they arrived.


  • The Triads are an extensive crime group based primarily in China, but also operates in other countries around the globe.
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