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Time for your bath...
~ Trish to Jake.

Trish Kimble is Jake Kimble's stepmother and Bill Kimble's wife. She appears in Jake's Story, one of the three story arcs in the film. She was kind and doting to begin with, however a hooded figure arrives to her apartment building, and upon his/her arrival, the building's residents begin acting strangely, most notably Jake's parents, Trish and Bill.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Beals, who also portrayed Sophia Turner from Castle.


The Grudge 2

In the film's opening scene, she is seen killing her husband with a frying pan and hot oil after he accuses her of having an affair. After Bill and Trish married, she moved to his house and was fondly received by his oldest daughter Lacey and her best friend/neighbor, Sally. Jake, however, still missed his deceased mother was reluctant to accept his new stepmother. Trish assured she did not want to be called his "mom" and that he could talk to her whenever he needed to. One day, Trish was talking with her friend Nate on the phone, when she was surprised by a suspicious Bill. Trish told him she was talking to Nate and asked if he was fine. Bill told her he forgot his car keys, and Trish left to look for them, unaware that Bill was squeezing the keys in anger, causing his hand to bleed. Later, it is revealed that the hooded figure was Allison, who had encountered the Saeki curse in Japan, and had fled to Chicago, unaware that the curse had followed her. This explained that Kayako and Takeo Saeki were influencing Bill (Takeo), to accuse his wife of an affair, and Trish (Kayako) to murder him in the opening scene. This was hinted when a scene builds up the same way the film's opening scene had. 

Later that night, when Lacey and Jake returned home, they found the apartment's door half open, and Jake discovered his father's corpse on the couple's bedroom. He heard Lacey gasping in the bathroom and ran there, only to find his sister dead as well. A fully insane Trish suddenly appeared, calling for him from the bath, until she was dragged down by Toshio Saeki and vanished.

The Grudge 3

Trish was mentioned in The Grudge 3 where Doctor Sullivan reads a news report saying that Trish is missing and that she was accused of all of the murders, including Allison's.


  1. Bill Kimble
  2. John Fleming
  3. Annie Fleming
  4. Lacey Kimble


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