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Anyone who seeks to pass, this point is destined to die.
~ Trismagia

Trismagia is an ancient and mysterious demon with awesome elemental powers who is the oracle of the netherworld and possesses all the knowledge of the demon world. It is fought by both Dante and Lucia in Devil May Cry 2 which he is a powerful minor villain and a boss in the game, however, it is unclear which of them encountered it last.


The three element-based faces of Trismagia.

Trismagia looks like an enormous yellow head with three faces and three sets of glowing eyes. Each head has the ability to use one of the elements of Ice, Fire, and Electricity. He has the ability to split into three separate colored heads which can attack one at a time, or recombine them for one powerful strike using all three elements.

The white sad face represents the element of ice, and attacks enemies within its range with ice balls, icy pillars and and an icy cloud that is the the face's freezing cold breath.

The angry red face represents the element of fire, and both breaths fire balls and attack foes with explosions at close range.

The blue, happy face represents the element of lightning, and unleashes lightning balls and mystic thunder rings upon opponents within close range.

Devil May Cry 2

Dante and Lucia in their separate but common mission to defeat Arius, arrived at his corporation's towering skyscraper in Uroboros City. When they get close to his penthouse office in the tower, they suddenly get transported to a demonic pocket dimension where they both separately face the entity Trismagia and destroyed him.


  • His name is a pun on the name of Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient Grecian god of magic and writing who is the psychopomp that guided the dead to the afterlife and was worshipped as a unification of both Hermes and Thoth in Greece.
  • From the Latin words "tris" (three) and "magi" (magicians). This also references the Biblical Three Wise Men.
  • The three colored heads of Trismagia represent his elemental powers; red (fire), blue (lightning), and white (ice).
  • DmC: Devil May Cry's Orbs looks very similar to Trismagia himself.


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