Witness our power!
~ The Triumvirate's famous quote.

The Triumvirate, whose members are known as Gaius, Nero, and Commodus, are the main antagonists of Contra: Shattered Soldier. Although only making appearance in Shattered Soldier, their criminal action of stealing a dangerous alien artifact set the whole story of classic Contra series.


The Triumvirate are a trio of men who had governed Earth. Due to cybernetic implantation technology that gives long lifespan, they have ruled Earth continuously for hundreds of years. Their cerebral implants also enable them to share their thoughts and unite in mind and purpose. Prior to the start of the Contra series, a miner had discovered the Moirai shrine on Jupiter.

Upon entering the shrine, they had stolen the Relic of Moirai, realizing an immeasurable power the Relic ppossesses. And this caused Red Falcon, Black Viper, and other aliens to attack Earth in order to get the Relic back. After Red Falcon was destroyed in Contra III: The Alien Wars and Black Viper was destroyed in Contra 4, Bill Rizer was framed for destruction of 80% of the world's population as well as murdering his partner Lance Bean. Bill was sentenced to 10,000 years in cryogenic prison, but was released 5 years later to fight off the Blood Falcon terrorist organization, led by Lance Bean.

After defeating Lance involving multiple alien mutations, Lance revealed the truth about the Triumvirate and the alien attacks on Earth to Bill and Lucia with his last breath: Lance accidentally stumbled upon Triumvirates' dirty little secret, so the trio leaders had Lance assassinated and incriminating Bill Rizer for their crimes. When as Bill and Lucia confront the Triumvirate, they just managed to complete the analysis on the Relic. But by then, the power of the relic proved to be far too much for the old men to handle, so it ended up killing all three men while merging with them.