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Villain Overview

What can I say? We're all just bitches in the end.
~ Trixie, after it was revealed she was in fact Pinky.

Trixie, also called "Pinky", is the main antagonist of the 2009 girls with guns exploitation film Bitch Slap.

She was portrayed by Julia Voth.


At the beginning of the film, a car drives to a remote trailer hideaway in a desert, and two women named Hel and Camero exit the vehicle. While Camero goes to investigate the trailer, Hel checks on Trixie in the backseat and asks her how she is feeling. Trixie tells her she is fine, though her head is still beating, as she was shown holding a bleeded cloth to her head. Once Camero storms out of the trailer (who has taken pills that cause her to have a mental breakdown in the unrated version), she tells them she has found nothing there, just like how she had told them that earlier. Realizing this, Hel apologizes to Trixie after what had she assured to her about their job. She then lends a hand to help her out of the vehicle as a the scene slowly reveals her exiting in a sexy golden dress before she waves her hair.

The three women approaches the rear of their vehicle as Hel prepares to unlock the trunk while Trixie and Camero watches her with hesitation. A gangster named Gage appears from it and lashes at the ladies, causing Hel and Camero to grab him by the arms in front of Trixie. Though Gage overcomes Hel by pushing her aside, Camero violently beats him to the ground, threatening him to stay down. As Gage is confronted, he scolds Trixie for betraying him that lead to his capture, and although Trixie truely is ashamed of herself and says sorry to Gage, Gage is unmoved and curses at her.


She has black hair and big breasts, wears pink lipstick and black mascara, and a gold halter liquid tight spandex backless dress. This makes her appearance attractive. It was revealed the she wears a pink thong under her dress. She also wears jewelry, such as a chain bracelet around her wrist, two golden hoop earrings, and a heart shaped necklace. It was also revealed that she had an outie belly button.


Trixie was living a double life. One was Trixie, a sweet and lovable stripper who was seemingly pure of heart and kind. Often times Trixie was shown to be a dimwit. However, her true nature is Pinky, a sadistic and murderous seductress who is a serial killer and the mistress of a criminal organization who never deals with anyone face to face.

As Trixie, she was a caring person and had a soft spot for men, as she felt sorry for betraying Gage at the beginning of the film, and comforted Deputy Fuch after being injured. She was also homosexual and perverted with Hel and Camero, as she had a sexual relationship with both females. Trixie enjoys doing sexy moments, such as stripteasing, but she is also a coward when it comes to death and violence, as shown at times in the movie.

However, once she revealed herself as Pinkie, she is proven to be quite manipulative, as she fooled everyone to help her achieve her goal. She also truely shows no affection for others after the way she killed Deputy Fuch and scarred Hel with her final words. In the unrated version, the only person Trixie had shown to care for is her daughter Lily, who is also possibly sadistic, like her cruel mother.

Powers and Abilities

Pinkie is a dangerous criminal mastermind who lied about her identity as a stripper named Trixie, and relies on her looks and appearance to persuade people to do her dirty work for her, as she inserted herself in the lives of an undercover agent named Hel and a psychotic woman named Camero, who were working under her manipulations. She was playing the two against each other as she had a sexual tryst with Hel to make Camero, Hel's girlfriend, extremely jealous that later broke into a fight between the two. Pinkie was also proven to be deadly and a skilled fighter, as she was shown to have killed numerous people on her own in a flashback.


  • The actress Julia Voth was the original model of one of the Resident Evil protagonists, Jill Valentine.
  • A naginata is a 1 to 3 foot long blade attached to a long pole, usually a wakizashi blade. Trixie's naginata uses a katana blade and a longer that usual katana hilt, making it a nagamaki (meaning "long-wrap").
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