Troius is a giant alien monster working under the command of Warp Monarch and an antagonist in Chouseishin Gransazer, appearing in episodes 47 and 48.


Troius was sent down by Warp Monarch to attack Tokyo after the three-day ceasefire ended. The Wind Tribe and Water Tribe summon the Chouseishin Dolcross and Leviathan to battle the beast with the help of the other GranVehicles and Yuuhi.

Despite the efforts of the Gransazers, Troius manages to fend all of them off, heavily damaging Dolcross and destroying Yuuhi. Garuda also intervenes in the battle but Troius damages it as well. However, soon after, Guntras and Cloud Dragon enter the fight.

Troius attempts to defeat them, but they manage to overpower and destroy him.


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